Friday, November 9, 2012

The BCP Holiday Challenge

Another week, another dollar...well, that's not right, but it feels apt in this situation....these weeks have to get a bit less crazy, right?  I sure hope so-the holidays are a bit less stressful in terms of work, because we rush around all year, so I have 9 days left ton take before December 31st.  Still trying to figure out how to do that, but I'm sure it will involve as many Mondays as I can get away with :-P
Anyway, onto the weekend.  With BF Ads and grocery store decorations/candy sales escalating...the holiday season is upon us.  I always hope the Christmas won't crowd Thanksgiving too much (Even though it's not my favorite holiday, celebrated in it's own rite, it deserves it's space!), but it never seems to work.  One thing you can count on?
Yummy nom noms for the next 7 weeks. awesome.
And scary at the same time.  I've read that the average person puts on anywhere from 2-5 pounds every holiday season....then never loses it.

I'm down from my 2012 high, but still a few pounds over racing weight, and I'd like to keep the status quo, thankyouverymuch.
Which includes indulging in my holiday favorites, within standard biking, swimming, running and kickboxing...and a new twist.
This year, the hubs and I have decided to take part in our own, slow and steady goal challenge....that takes a max of 5 minutes a day.  Introducing the BCP Holiday challenge!
1000 Burpees.
oh, snap.
1000 Crunches.
1000 push ups (the real kind, c'mon...we can do it!)
There are roughly 50 days left in the year, so this equals out to about 20 of each per day. Which in the hustle bustle of holiday shopping, cooking, baking and totally do-able. 
Right before dinner.
As soon as the alarm goes off.
Heck, I'd even do 20 push ups at 10:30am right after a conference call!
Who's with me?
Crunches, self explanatory.  I go in cycles with my ab workouts....sometimes I'm diligent at doing core 3 times a week, sometimes I get caught up in squeezing my runs in.  This will help me rock a strong core through to 2013.
Push ups....we have a love/hate relationship.  When I do them, they give my arms and chest a nice, defined, strong look.
But they're frekin' hard (insert girl whining).  So....that's why they work.  Up and at em!
Burpees....well, I'll admit it.  I stole this idea from my gym, who's doing their own 1000 burpee challenge.  I have no clue how it works, but I figure if I get to 1000 on my own, hey, I win too.  And just in case you confuse a burpee with a squat thrust (as I did)'s a burpee:

They suck.  But in the 2 minutes that it takes to do 25 (I'm not fast) it certainly works your heart and wakes you up!

Day 1: 
25 burpees
25 crunches
25 pushups

I'll keep a running total in order to keep myself accountable-I love a good challenge!
Note-this is not replacing marathon training...I did one easy run this week and skipped speedwork (shredded quads on Tuesday from the race still!) and I'll do my 15 miler this weekend.
I'm just a little nuts.  But you all knew that.
So who wants to get a lil' crazy with me?  End the year on a good note?  Let's do this!!

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  1. Oye - Burpees (had no idea what they were) look horrid! I'd try a few but I literally just downed my last bite of dinner. Want it to stay put. An excuse? No way!