Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All the pretty colors

Well, Fall might be fading fast, but there is one thing that's a fact.
I still have pretty colors to work with.
You see, in my mind's eye, marathon training requires a few different things.....
* Motivation.  Here the bigggie.  Sometimes...it just sucks to run.  No doubt about it.  Without a second thought, it is my favorite sport, but it's the one I am most fickle about.  If I'm too tired....I'm tempted to blow it off.  Too cold...too sore....too hot....too dark.  And let me tell you, the ratio of perfect 70 degree days may exist in San Francisco, but here in New York...we have to be made of sterner stuff.
So it was dark when I got home.  No big thing. Out for my tempo run I went.
So it was raining on Saturday.  Pshaw.  Long run, got it done.
So the treadmill is boring.  But it's a perfect vehicle for 1/2 mile repeats.
I'm a badass.
* Incentives.  Okay....maybe only a badass who needs a carrot dangled in front of her at times (or...something yummier than a carrot). Otherwise known as....things I am loving lately for my runs!
1.  My New Asics.
Ohhh...loove these babies.  Generally, I have luck with the "odd" 2100 series....2130, 2150....the 40s and 60s were not as good to me.  The new 2170 line is true to form-these babies feel like pillows on my feet.  I still stick to the Brooks Ghost line for speedwork and shorter stuff, but my beloved Asics are my long run necessity.  Plus, look at the pretty colors!!
2.  A Headlamp!
I bought this guy in a clearance sale on one of my favorite running sites this spring-it was a whole 8 bucks.  I usually don't run in the dark, but with the sun setting before 5, this is a must (why are they so stingy with street lamps nowadays?  Goodness knows we pay enough in taxes!).  I feel like a warrior princess as I navigate my way through the darkness of Wayne County, my headlight illuminating the path ahead.  It's a great way to focus solely on the next 3 steps, to really be in the present for a run.

3.  Fun, colorful socks!
I found these babies on Groupon....I had a coupon (the epitome of crazy coupon lady ridic, I know) so I got 12 pairs for $4 with shipping. Love, love, love.  They are no slip, warm enough without making my feet sweat, and, of course, cute and fun!  I wear the pink pair when I especially need a mood boost, and the neon hue of my feet sends all the cows running when I go on my country loop (okay, not really....the Holsteins think I'm nuts no matter what I wear, and I agree). 

4.  Ridiculous, juvenile pop music. I know, I know.  I have Gangnam style on my play list, and like to whomp whomp through my long runs, but I also belt it out like a 13 year old girl to Taylor Swift.  And at the end of 15 miles I'm like, "Ugh...this is just....like...exhausting".  (and now I will crawl back into my hole). 
Hey, whatever gets you out the door, right?  What are you loving for running....or biking....or swimming...or gymming...lately?

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  1. I'm loving the ridiculously juvenile playlist as well. I was belting out Carly Rae Jepsen and Ke$ha at the top of my lungs during my trainer ride last night!