Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm not Quite Dead Yet!

I feel fine!
C'mon, Fight me like a man!
Errr....welcome to Monday? Contrary to popular belief, I did not disappear....I know it's rare for me to not post two days in a row, but I needed a little break over the weekend.

And I really didn't do anything blog worthy (perish the thought)...not like I ever do.  But hey, you read it, so I must be doing something right?  Right?  Phew.
Anywhoo, the weekend.  Hope you had a good one.  It was a pretty lax weekend around the Glaser casa-on Saturday, I did my long run of 15 miles.  I've been off a bit on my training plan this week-did an aqua jog and a small run, but cross trained otherwise.  I felt pretty beat up after last week's trail race (I know, I'm a wuss), so I listened to my body and took it easy.  Until Saturday.
Then it was game. on.  With the perfect running temp (60) I had a thoroughly enjoyable long run through my neighborhood(s).  Usually, I run a 5 mile loop and adjust the loops to the miles, but I fired up my sense of adventure, strapped on my garmin, and wandered.  10 delicious miles later, I was done...with part one.  I had a middle of the day appointment, so I knew I would have to split the runsies up, and was most interested to see how my body would react.  I set out for dose number two at dusk, and managed to stay under 10 minute miles for the last 5 miles, for an average of 9:11/mile, which is right around my LR pace.  Awesome.
I wasn't a huge fan of the double workout, but I think it had it's benefits.  I took the first 10 miles faster than I normally would have, which felt good.  And I took the last 5 miles slower, because my legs were tired guys! all evens out in the end.  Next weekend...17!  Muahahaha.  It's strange-I feel like the mileage has ramped up awfully quickly, but at the same time, I've been shocked how easily my body has been handling the runs.  Hmm.
BCP Update:  As of Monday, I've done-
100 burpees
120 crunches
100 pushups
Right on track.  I'm loving this challenge-it takes about 3-4 minutes a day, is relatively simple, but gets me moving aside from my regular workouts (I've been doing burpees in AM, crunches before lunch, and pushups before dinner).
And now for the not so good news.  This morning, we had a passing at work.  Our mascot fishie, who's been swimming in my office since 2009, went belly up today.  He was a good 29 cent Walmart fish, and entertained us for 3.5 years with his bowl butting and splashing.  Thankfully, Francis (fishie) didn't have a stupid name, unlike my last fish who lived 3 years...back in 1990, when I did not have foresight and named him MC Hammer.
Or like my fish in 1995, who I named "Inomis Nosaj", which sounds like Greek, but was really the name of the boy I had a crush on back in middle school.  Shit, I just outed myself on the Internet.  Oh wells. The crush lasted a year, the fish lasted 4.  I really don't think my boyfriend sophomore year cared for that fish....
Well, Francis, you will be sorely missed.  What can I say, The Knights Who Say Ni demand a sacrifice.  (Yeah, I need to go watch that movie again.)
And now I find myself humming "I like Chinese" and missing my brothas from anotha motha James and Drew....oh man.  I think I need to download "Contractual Obligation" again-cause Monty Python never gets old. A Sale of Two....oh nevermind.

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