Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today, my friends, is a very very sad day.
Today, I mourn the loss of dear crock pot.
This wonderful appliance served me well for the last 10 years....coming from a steal of a black Friday deal ($8 at Walmart).
Throughout the years, he has made some wonderful dinners.
Chicken Soup....Chili....Layered Hamburger....Shepard's Pie...Sesame Chicken...and so many other quicky week night meals.
It's been a holiday staple-keeping the grape jelly wieners warm on New Years....The Sauce warm on Christmas....and let's not forget the time where I thought it would be a good idea to put the insert with the plastic knob in the oven to keep the scalloped potatoes warm for Easter (um, it was a bad idea).
Good bye, old friend.
Cause of death- an overzealous washing job after the Buffalo Chicken I made last night.
Such a tragedy.  Sniff.
Motive-Well, I have a sneaking suspicion about this one.  See, 3 years ago, when we got married, we got a sweet programmable crock pot from Greg's Aunt.  And it's still in the box. (It works, I checked when we got it!)  See...I figured if I had a crock pot that worked, why open a new one while the old one was perfectly good?
Hmmm.  I think Hubs decided it was time when the insert....slipped.
Crock pot murderer :-P
Nah, just kiddin' (sorta).  I suppose there are many many worse things than a trip to the shower closet for a kick butt new fancy crock pot! 
So pretty.
Now I just gotta figure out a stunning new recipe to christen it....stay tuned....I may have something up my sleeve for this weekend!
Have you ever been illogically attached to a kitchen appliance?  Or am I just a weirdo?  (Maybe I don't want that answered...lol). 

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