Thursday, November 15, 2012

Feelin' Kinda Sluggish

Okay, I will apologize if any of this post hits a raw note.  As always my blog is filled with my opinion, and I'm not an expert in anything but me.  And even sometimes that's a stretch.
So.  Like a good, diligent girl, I got some blood work done lately. It's the first time I've had any done in years and years and years, and my doctor thought it would be a wise move.   (Needles, meh).
Well, I got the results back yesterday, and it turns out I'm a-okay...except....I'm sluggish.
Well, I have a significantly under active thyroid. So?
The thyroid is a cute little butterfly shaped organ (aww, ain't that sweet) in the vicinity of your neck that regulates your metabolism and other such fun things.  If you have hypothyroidism (the too technical term, IMO) then your thyroid doesn't make enough of the hormone to regulate your body, which can mean:

1.  Cold Extremities (check)
2.  Brittle Fingernails
3.  Low Body Temperature (check-my basal temp hovers around 96)
4.  Low Energy Levels (well, I think that's standard :-P)
5.  Trouble Sleeping (double check)

And in general, weight gain.  While I would love to blame my 5 pound hangover on my lil butterfly...we both know the real culprit is cookies.  But apparently , it's science that it's harder to lose weight or keep it off with low thyroid function, so I have a built in excuse, right?  (wink, wink, nudge nudge).  Na, just kidding. 

Though my doc did say that I was the most overactive under active person she's met, so that's something :-P

So, what to do?  Well, you can treat it with medicine-Thyroxine, which helps the thyroid generate more "juice".  Taken once a day before breakfast, Thyroxine is shown to help regulate the thyroid in about 8 weeks.

or you can treat it with diet.  What's a "thyroid diet"?  It includes more protein in the form of chicken, fish, beans, and seeds/legumes.  At least 4 services of low fat/fat free milk or yogurt a day (Greek yogurt counts.  Noms).  What to limit-here's the tricky part.  Carbs.  (Thought I will look into this a bit more-not sure if it's all carbs or simple...I would hazard that most simple carbs are out and complex carbs are limited.  Also, limit broccoli :-(  We'll break into this a bit at a time...

It's a simple view, but I'm looking forward to adapting my diet a bit and see how it works.  I tend to think that hypothyroidism is way over diagnosed seems to be a giant band aid for why people can't lose weight, but that's just my opinion.  I really don't think my thyroid has anything to do with my little's more of a love of chocolate and relatively low volume training (for me).

So, with that, I set out for a run.  A nice 8 miler in the sunshine.  And I don't care what you're diagnosed with, a run helps everything (Okay, except for broken bones.  I acquiesce on that one.)

And that's what's new with me.  Some blood, sluggishness, and a run.  Seems about right :-P

BCP Update: 150/200/150

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  1. I had to go on a low-carb diet for medical reasons; after a few weeks of adjustment, it no longer negatively affected my workouts. Email me if you want to talk more.