Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Run baby, run!

And here we are in week 3 of baby adventures - the sequel!  We are staring to settle into a routine, whatever the hell that means at this stage of a newborns life - basically goes something like this:  get up at 6, do kids breakfasts, changing, take to daycare or stay home, rando store trip, cry, eat, snuggle, change x 40, mom squeezes in food and a workout and whatever she can do one handed, Dad comes home, repeat above, crash, do it again.  I know a few things - there is never more than an hour and a half span where I don't change a diaper, become a cow, or wish I could shower.  But we are happy, and healthy, and no one has been thrown out the window.  Including me or Greg.  So there's progress.

In all seriousness, we are having a sleep deprived ball.  There are ups and downs but I am trying to soak in the most I can with Miss Biz and Rob while I am home - the days are long but the weeks, months and years are short, as they say.  And in about 18 years when Greg and I are looking at each other in a quiet house, I don't want to say "I wish I would have..."  (Oh who am I kidding.  We'll be doing Ironmans in 2033, lol).  But I digress.  And while there aren't any 140.6's in my immediate future, I've made sure that in addition to caring and loving Biz and Rob, that I also take some time for me....even though it's somewhat hard to come by, Greg and I have the firm belief that having some "me" time makes us better parents and partners - we have no desire to be "mommy and daddy martyrs" - in our experience, those parents end up resenting their spouses and kids, which isn't healthy.

Yeah, I used this with Rob.  I still can't resist!
Ergo, my "me" time is usually spent on a bike or in sneakers or a swimsuit - hey, everyone has their thing, right?  And while I might get a few raised eyebrows, I was out for a walk two days after having Biz and on my bike 5 days after.  Honestly, it has nothing to do with "losing the weight" - it's my me place, my sanctuary, my time to recharge and come back stronger. Well, on Sunday I put it to the real test - what about running??  As all runners know in NY - fall is hands down the best time to run.  The weather is usually perfect - perfect temp, low humidity, and the foliage is frickin gorgeous.  Happy to be alive and moving weather, if you will!!  Well, running is probably a big no no this soon, but I figured what the hey.  Worst case I would turn back after 5 minutes in tears, pain, or having completely peed my pants.  Best case - 3 miles and license to sign up for a 5k before the season is over!

45 (ok 46) minutes later, I returned home with a big ole smile on my face - 5 miles down with no pain except the knowledge that I haven't run hills in a long, long time.  I ran my old 5 mile loop around our neighborhood - taking in the farms (yes, we live in cow town), fall festivals, and the amazing smell of a perfect September day, laced with leaves and freshly mowed lawns.  Perfection.  And complete zen.

Let's race, baby!
Now comes the fun part - for the last year I've been on hiatus - last "race" was OBX marathon in November....and I can finally plan out my races.  WOOT!  The break was 110%  worth it (duh) but I am just itching to go!!  I signed up for a fast, flat 5k on October 10, and am debating a 20k on November 7.  No illusions of any PR's, but some good ole fashioned running and fun.  And 2016....well, so far I have a rough plan (Hey, I have alot of time on the couch with a newborn, people, and the internets are a persuasive beast when you belong to running pages!) here goes:

*  4 seasons challenge (4 half marathons in a year)
* Hudson Valley marathon (February Albany marathon - hope to connect this to a work visit)
* Mind the Ducks Ultra Marathon (goal = 100k)

and a few tris sprinkled in - some sprints and an Olympic, no Irons next year.  I hope to PR in the half marathon (need to break 1:50) and best my ultra run distance (54 miles).  I am so stoked!  How will I get it done?  I have some ideas....stay tuned for the first training plan, to commence November 1 (yep, I'm a dork.  I need a goal, dammit).  Till then it's a little biking, a little running, weights and a good ole 33 mile challenge on Friday (combo of run and bike) hey - to each his or her own on your birthday - I like to celebrate each year with a mile :-)

If you're runner, you get it.  If not, I'm sorry for the zzzz.......post.
But at least there was some baby cuteness in there :-)

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