Thursday, September 17, 2015

Here she comes! No really, I'm not kidding!!

Well, here we are for real now - a bonafied family of 4.  Miss Elisabeth (Or, as Rob calls her "Biz a biz" - which has stuck.  Sorry, girlfriend) is officially 5 days old and is just melting our hears with her perfection.  We always had the feeling that she would be coming early...her brother was gestation ally 36.5 weeks when he made his grand debut, and lil Miss saw fit to bake for another two weeks but then proved her flair for drama with the "near bathroom" birth story!!

On Friday, September 11, I finished up my projects for work and logged off about 5ish.  My super awesome boss let me work from home for the past few days, so wrapping up was a ton easier.  I planned to work until I gave birth or my OB took me out, but every day I would give updates as to where I was with certain projects.  I remember logging off that day thinking, "this is it!" and I even sent Greg an email telling him to wrap things up at work because I thought this would be the weekend.  That night, he told me that I just looked different and I said" Get some sleep tonight.  I just have a feeling".  So we rested a bit and had a nice relaxing night.  I passed out on the couch and woke up about midnight to some cramps and...well, lets just say I thought my water was breaking.  I went upstairs to change and warned Greg what was up, then came back downstairs so he could get some sleep.  The contractions were about 15 minutes a[art, so I grabbed a few popsicles and got as
comfortable as I could in that state!  About 6am, I had enough and came upstairs to take a bath...seems its about the only thing that ever has helped.  By 8, the contractions were about 6-8 minutes apart and getting stronger.  Greg really wanted to call the doc, and I was more interested in doing laundry and changing sheets (lol).  Since he is smarter than I am (yes, I said it!) he packed the car and I finally called my ob.  The doc on duty (not my doctor) advised me to come in, so we dropped Rob with gramma after taking our one last family of 3 photo!  (yes, sporting the same shirt - which was much less cute sans toddler at the hospital!!)

We arrived at highland about 10, and of course they didn't have my paperwork (that I submitted 12 weeks ago!) so we had to fill out forms.  I really enjoyed the lady in front of us taking her sweet time arguing with the nurse as I was contracting behind her...people amaze me. )  FINALLY, we got to triage, and they examined me - 4 centimeters.  The nurse went to go get the doc to admit me, and I promptly threw up.  Awesome.  The doc came to see me, and told me he wanted to wait an hour to re-examine me before admitting me, as he felt I might be in false labor and didn't think my water had fully broken yet.  I wanted to hit him, but Greg wouldn't lift my hand to do it and I had no energy to argue (lame, babe, lame). He also asked me about pain meds (no thank you) an epidural (double no thank you) and my previous C section.  Um, what??  At this point, I started to hate this man.  But he took it to another level and asked about post birth birth control, and as I hit another contraction I told him "Abstinence" firmly.  He saw no humor in it, Greg laughed, and he mercifully went away.

About 11:30 the contractions got super strong and I wasn't joking any more.  Poor Greg went from half assed cracks to having his hand swatted away whenever he tried to touch me and when he reminded me to breath I kindly told him to shut up.  Oops.  The only way I could deal was to talk around during the pain and pretty much bang my head against the bathroom wall while he made sure lol).
I didn't fall over (no food since dinner the night before....oops).  At 11:50 I had enough and called a nurse in.  I asked to see the doctor ASAP and she told me he would be in at 12:15.  I told her...these are pretty would be good, so she set off.  At 11:55, I started a rough contraction and went into the bathroom to grab the grab bar (better than Greg's hand!) and my water fully broke.  Greg ran to get a nurse to clean up and at that point, I really needed to push.  I told Greg and the nurse and they both shouted NO! (seriously, did they think I was giving them an option?) and at that point, they pressed the red alert button and shouted "WE NEED A GURNEY!" and in came 4 nurses and a midwife who grabbed me and got me to the just the nick of time.  I screamed, pushed, and with the second push, out came the head, and the third push, our baby girl was born at 12:01pm!  Greg told me it was
a girl, and they placed my beautiful Elisabeth in my arms....while they finally wheeled me to Labor and Delivery.  (Bit late to the party,

She was 7 pounds, 7 ounces of perfection, and started up at me with the most beautiful blue gray eyes and intense look.  And nothing else in the world mattered.

Except when that crazy doctor formally came back to apologize for not taking me seriously.  And told me that in 20 years, my delivery was the first he missed.  Hah.  Well, jokes on him.  The most awesome midwife delivered my baby girl, and I was so glad of it!!  Of course, I did acquiesce a bit...I suppose when the pain on scale of 1-10 question is asked, I shouldn't wait till the pushing starts to call it a 10 :-P

Elisabeth passed all her tests with flying colors, Greg got to hold her, and I requested a shower and to walk to recovery (both of which were denied- I don;t think they knew what to do with me...).  My requests for the birth were as follows - a healthy baby (most important - check!), having her in my arms as soon as she was born, and no pain meds of any kind....and a bonus for a quick delivery!  While I didn't think to specify "no bathroom births" I never in my wildest dreams expected a 2 hour active labor and 30 seconds of pushing...without even an ibuprofen during the whole hospital stay.  Score.  (yeah, I'll admit I feel kinda bada$$ about that,
even if it's silly).

Big bro came to meet his little sister (BIZ A BIZ!) and we had some awesome family members come to see us - and 24 hours post birth, we were on our way home to start our family of 4.  Two parents, one boy, one girl, and two cats.  We are the Cleaver's of this millennium.  And I wouldn't have it any other way :-P

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