Thursday, September 10, 2015

To my big boy.

Hey there kiddo,

Today, Mommy is working from home and had a few minutes....I've been meaning to share some thoughts I have with you....shhhhh, dont tell my boss!

It's a rainy day here- right now you are probably a snoozin at daycare, which makes me a bit jealous!  I wish youw ere home with me and we could play hooky - just hang out on the couch, watch Mickey Mouse or "poohpie" (that would be Winnie the pooh, you love him) and do some snuggles.  Buddy, you do the best snugs.  I seriously hope you never grow out of it - even when snuggling or hugging or giving "mooches" to your mommy gets old (ahem, it DOESNT) you will be the best snuggler to some lucky other half.

As you know, kiddo, it's almost B - day...that would be, baby day.  Dad and I have tried to keep you in the loop on everything for little nugget - its awesome how you seem to just know whats happening.  We've been reading alot about new babies, you've been helping with Nugget's room, and also giving nugget "mooches" every night - which I am sure he or she loves!  Budyy, you are going to be the best big brother.  I do have to say though, things will be a changin a little bit.  But you know what?  Even though people think change is some big scary thing, it really can be good.  And even though our little family of 3 won't be any more, a family of 4 is so awesome and will be great in so many ways...after all, you will need a partner in crime to drive mom and dad crazy with, right?  Right!  So - in the next few months, or years....or however long, if you ever feel sad or lonely or miss being the "only child", just remember these few things....

1.  Mommy and Daddy love you times a million billion trillion.  Always will.  When nugget first gets here, we might be relying on you to be a "big boy" and help us out, and sometimes you might not always get our undivided attention.  Just because we will now have another little one to love does NOT mean that we love you any less or that you are any less important to us.  Ever.  We love you in a special way that is reserved just for you and you only.  And you can ALWAYS come to us for hugs, snuggles, and love.  

2.  Its ok to need snuggles or to be I said before.  Just because you are the "big brother" does NOT mean that you aren't "my baby" any more.  Yes, you are a big boy.  But even big boys need to be held and cuddled and loved my their moms and dads.  And we will never be too busy to give you a smooch, a hug, and make some time for Ro-Bear snuggles.  Those things are about the most important things in the world, kiddo.

3.  You WILL have Mommy time.  And Daddy time.  And Mommy Daddy Rob time.  Don't think that's ending just because Nugget is coming!  We have already planned some fun things for you this fall and, apple picking, disney on ice, football with daddy, and plenty of 1:1 rob parent time at the playground.  We love you buddy, and we want you to have your special time.  Cause you are awesome enough to share it with Nugget the rest of the time, and we see that!

4.  You will ALWAYS be my first born.  Kiddo, you taught me so many things.  You taught me how to hold you, how to feed you, how to snuggle you, how to be a comfort to you, and how to be a mommy.  I will never forget that.  This time around, it will be different, cause every person is different, and Nugget will teach me other things, I have no doubt. were my first.  I never knew exactly what love meant until you arrived in your 6 pound 2 ounce glory and gave me that first look that hooked me for life.  That's can't be taught....just is.  You are my ro-bear and I am your momma bear and i would do ANYTHING to keep you safe and protected and loved.  Promise.

Love and 'mooches,


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