Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Body After baby - 10 days PP

Hey hey!

First and most importantly - family update!  We are settling in nicely as a happy family of 4...there is less sleep for sure, and an adjustment of "routines" but we seem to be working through it.  Rob is definitely spending more QT ith Daddy and Mommy the milk machine gets Biz most of the time, but we seem to be sticking to the important constants....dinner as a family (including biz), story time, tucking in bed at night and morning snuggles and huggles with my ro-bear.  Greg and I are super tired but hanging together ith a sense of humor and love for our little family!  He went back to work this week which means I have both kids 1-2 days a week on Rob's non daycare days - the first of which is tomorrow (wish me luck!)  I have been doing all nighttime wakings for Biz, which is only fair because I can take a nap ith her during the day (unless Daddy beats me to it on the weekend!!)

So, it's time for a bit of obligatory navel gazing....I promise this is the last time you get to hear about me and a baby update, but I figured since this is a healthy living blog (YES, I ill get back to it!) and I kept you guys in the loop for the last 38 eeks, so here's my rap up from #2.

First of all, let me say that while Miss Biz was a pain in the tushie for the first few months (I as SO SICK)  she ended up being pretty much a dream pregnancy and delivery (Though I doubt I would have really asked for a bathroom birth, it as so speedy and easy I couldn't complain!)  I posted alot more with Rob, but the overall experience body wise was the same...all in the belly, and aside from morning sickness, ran, swam, and biked through my pregnancy.  I actually rode 15 miles the day before she was born...aside from some swelling in the 9th month, my body treated me well!  I ended up gaining 27 pounds with her, 22 after I "found out" and the other 5 as Christmas yummies (no complaints, it really helped in trimester 1!)  My waist got up to 44 inches, from 27 normally.

2 days PP I had lost 18 pounds and 14 inches (best crash dieting EVER!) and 10 days PP I'm down 22 pounds and my waist is 28 inches.  Yep, my pants fit.  Please don't hate.  I am NOT dieting - as a moo cow momma, I eat ALL of the things, trust me (and can eat yogurt and chocolate again freely, yay!!).  I had the same thing happen with Rob - the biggest PP changes are a bit of a loose belly (ell duh) and Pam Anderson cup size (double duh).  Not a big fan of either, but I'll shelve any body did well and Biz treated me well!!

As for the other?  ell, yeah, you all know I'm an idiot.  I tried to get back on the bike 4 days PP and Greg yelled at me....and the next day he acquiesced and let me go.  Right now I am biking, kickboxing, and walking for about 30 minutes a day - nothing super crazy.  It gets me some "me" time and some much needed movement, as life with a newborn is mostly couch bound or baby wearing!!  No running or swimming yet....I ill probably try both next week.  My mother jokingly asked why I didn't run the ROC marathon this past weekend.....sadly, I bet I could have done the half slowly - but I'm not that cracked!!  Looking at a 5k or a 10k for next month, some nice winter training, and then maybe an early
marathon in 2016 and Mind teh Ducks Ultra.  Next year will be mostly running centered (no Ironmans for a few years!) and I'm really looking forward to being able to train and race again!!

But for now?  My world is about my kids....snuggling and loving Miss Biz, and enjoying the time I get with Rob, the amazing big brother!!  I am loving all of falls produce (ratatouille in the crock pot, will post recipe soon!) and the gorgeous weather to take my kids to the park and on walks.  Life is good, and I feel so lucky to have a happy, healthy family.

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