Saturday, September 5, 2015

40 weeks is about all that's the same.

So....D day is almost here.  I went to the doctor's yesterday for my 37 week check up - we are officially on the way!  Baby is measuring perfectly, heart rate looks good, Momma is officially up 24 pounds (good to know the scales match) and I am officially dilated 1 cm (which could mean I go tomorrow or in two weeks = not much in the way of news:-P)  My OB is just the best ever...she totally knows what to tell a preggo.  She said I look great, am not swollen (lies) and to keep up the swimming and biking as long as I could coupled with, of course, icees and keeping my feet up when I get tired.  Yes ma'am!   I've been getting quite a bit accomplished the last few days - still feel like nugget can PLEASE KEEP BAKING, but at least am making baby (har har) steps toward being ready.  I've been training at work (that's been hilarious) and I am hoping against hope that next week will slow the hell down.  Of course, the last time I said that, I gave maybe I don't want that!  But, thinking about the last 37 weeks....aside from the beach ball tummy, there isn't much in common with baby #2 and baby #1....amazing how different it can be....

Pregnancy with just aren't special.

 When you are pregnant with your first baby, you are amazing.  You glow.  You are the miracle creator of life.  Everyone tells you to relax, to take it easy, and how OMG special you are. You navel gaze....alot.  With #2....get over it baby.  You did this once.  You were dumb enough to do it again.  Don't inconvenience us with your super special baby.  And we probably will forget that you're even pregnant halfway through.  You still can navel gaze...when you remember that you have one :-P

1st pregnancy - You know, down to the day, exactly how pregnant you are, and which corresponding fruit your baby aligns with.
2nd pregnancy - How far along am I?  I know when I'm due, but....

1st pregnancy - You get to relax.  And put your feet up.  And have them rubbed.  With naps.
2nd pregnancy - You get to relax.  While watching mickey mouse. And accepting that you really just are a human jungle gym for your 2 year old.  With a super cool bump to slide over.  Until he spills juice on you....then you are a slip and slide!

1st pregnancy - Super cool baby shower(s) with yummy goodies, tons of baby supplies (including an overwhelming assortment of things you didn't even know you needed...or what they are!
2nd pregnancy - Thank god I kept all those baby clothes.  Does my boppy and bottles from #1 pass the sniff test?  Debate.

1st pregnancy - Lots of reading on Bradley method.  Birthing classes.  Prenatal vitamins.  Reading tons of baby books - baby names, how to feed, sleep, and create the perfect human being.
 2nd pregnancy - Well, I started with 300 prenatals.  I still have 250 left.  That can't be good. I need to remember how to breathe?  Nah.  I think I'll catch up on some soaps for 10 minutes.  Derive baby names from Genoa City.

1st pregnancy - Spend hours creating the perfect baby registry and nursery.
2nd Pregnancy - Spend hours clipping coupons for diapers.  Hey, every baby craps.  Alot.

1st pregnancy - Plan the perfect maternity wardrobe to showcase your bump
2nd pregnancy - Maxi skirts fit for 9 months.  Sweet.

1st pregnancy - marvel in the fact that you are creating the most perfect human being that you are amazed that someone up there trusts you to love, nurture, and not screw up too terribly for the rest of your life.
2nd pregnancy - Nope, some things are the same as with #1.

And then you remember how very lucky you are to be a mommy :-)

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