Monday, September 21, 2015

To My Sweet Daughter

Hi there kiddo,

What a week.  It's surreal to think that just 10 days ago, you were still hanging out, waiting to surprise us, and now here you are!  As it was with your brother, our lives have totally changed in the last week and a half....there is no routine, we are up at all hours, and a sense of humor and stronger sense of love is keeping us all together, especially at 3am when no one has slept for more than an hour.

Speaking of love...I have to tell you something.  You might roll your eyes at me and think I'm wacko (you're right, I am) but princessa, I love you to bits.  From the moment they put you on my chest in the hospital and you looked up at me with those big blue eyes as if to say "Hey Mom, here I am!"  I was totally and irrevocably wrapped around your tiny finger (Daddy too, of course - he gets very silly and sappy around you and I don't blame him!)

You are the best girlfriend a mother could ask for.  You are an awesome eater, and gained back your birth weight in just 6 days!  (NO, you don't need a diet.  Good food is so so important and you get it!).  You are a pretty good sleeper - you don't mind your crib during the day, but you also are a snug a bunny and love sleeping on mommy or daddy - which is always fine by us!!  Nighttime is a bit rougher, and we aren't surprised - it's a big crib in the dark!  We have been working with your bassinet, swing, and of course some middle of the night couch snuggles.....hey, you do what you can, right?

You could probably sleep through a tornado during the day, which is good because your brother can sound like one!!  But you are a pretty laid back kid.  You have some definite ideas about the world, but you are super happy to go along for the ride - we have already adventured to Tops, Wegs, Kohls and even daycare to drop off Rob!  Everyone thinks you are such a cutie and can't believe how amazing you are for a newborn.  Duh.  I could have told them that!!

Can I just tell you how excited I am to be your mommy?  I am sure it will be different from your brother - I don't expect you'll be a girly girl but I am so very excited to do your hair, paint your toenails, and hopefully enroll you in a dance class!  That ism, provided you splash in the mud with the rest of us, make silly fart noises, and blow bubbles into your milk.  I can't wait to teach you the ways of the world and snuggle you in my lap when you have a boo boo and you need smooches to fix it.  I can't fix every little or big boo boo, girlio, but I promise that as your mommy I will do my very best to help you navigate and kick butt in the big world - it's sometimes scary, but it's such a fun ride.  And as you are learning from me, I will be learning from you - every single day!!

I love you so much.  And the next 18 plus years are going to be so much fun - every day is such a gift that I have you, your brother, your daddy and our wonderful life.  And I know we are so blessed.  Never forget that - we are all so very lucky to have each other and our amazing family!

Love always,

Your Mommy

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