Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Ahh, what a beautiful weekend.  Unless you had to drive on Friday.  Then, I am sorry.  But, Ase from that mess-the weekend was absolutely gorgeous!  Greg and I stayed in on Friday night and got our ducks in a row, did some baking, cooking, and QT together, and then headed out early for our annual winter camping excursion with my cousins at Letchwork Park.  A roaring fire, hiking, cross country skiing, snow tubing, chili, games, and good friends?  Perfect, perfect, perfect.
Check it out!

Now we're back and getting ready for another fun filled week-a bit tired, a bit in need of some heat, but undoubtedly refreshed and happy after a great weekend.  Never thought I would be a winter camping kind of girl....but it is the best!  Have you ever camped in the winter?

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