Monday, February 18, 2013

Runnin' to Reduce Hunger 5k

Happy Presidents Day! Tell me, what are you doing to celebrate today? I would LIKE to say that I have the day off....but I cannot tell a lie. I also will not be planting a cherry tree. But I am in the middle of a civil war series on my kindle and watched a documentary on Lincoln last I think I am being patriotic enough :-).
Pithy whining aside, I was able to take my morning meetings in my jammies, because my boss is awesome. So even though I'm chained to the phone and my laptop, at least I get to stare at the sunshine and eat a home cooked lunch.  Score.  I also got to fit in a nice mid-day run....something I never get to do during the week!
Confession time-I've been really lame about running in the last month.  Since the Ocala half, I've run exactly 4 times...all 4 times on the treadmill.  Granted, the race was less than a month ago, but I need to get back on the running horse.  It's not that I'm too big (but definitely bigger), or too slow (no such thing)...but I don't feel 100% lately.  Or even 90%.  Which is cool, totally understandable and I have no problem with it (HELLO, I have a resident alien causing a ruckus in my belly!) But...I do miss running.  And I think I need to stop waiting for the perfect day-feeling wise, temperature wise, spitting out skittles kinda rainbow day and suck it up and GO RUN.

Logo by the talented hubby!
Today was the day.  Greg used to play football with a guy named Elijah who is really getting into running-over the last few years, he's lost over 50 pounds and dropped his 5k time by 12 minutes, which is super awesome.  Well, he organized a virtual 5k called "Runnin' to Reduce Hunger" that takes place today.  Everyone logs a 5k time, 3.1-3.2 miles anywhere, and phones it in.  No awards or anything, but a nice t shirt and a donation to a good cause for participation.
Well, baby g and I have this goal to run a race every month that I am preggo (on a streak so far-even have one for October and November when I didn't even know!) so this seemed like a good February "race".
During my lunch hour, I laced up my shoes, cranked up my tunes, and headed out.  I mapped a 3.15 course (since a 5k can be 3.1 or 3.2, I figured it was safer that way!) and just went for it.  The first mile sucked big time.  I was sucking wind, cold, and just feeling like I was running through a pool of jello (oh people, get your mind out of the gutter).  Then, my breathing calmed down.  I hit my zen.  Miles 2 and 3 were pretty decent (not easy, I wont kid a kidder, but this was a "race" so I darn well was going to give it my best!) and I "sprinted" the last .17 of a mile (according to mapmyrun, the course ended up being 3.17, so there ya go.
First 5k with lil bean clocked in at 26:48, or at a 8:26/mile.  About 4 minutes off my 5k PR, and at a pace I haven't really even thought of in at least a month....but I usually run longer than 3 miles, so that's my excuse :-P  Not so much any runs will probably stay between 3 and 6 for the rest of the pregnancy, assuming I can run through it!
Bottom line-there's a positive correlation between tummy size and 5k....but one I am perfectly happy to report and embrace.  A big thumbs up for my first virtual race, and baby g gives it....well....a little wave.  Or a kick.  It might be in protest.  But I'm learning how to be a good mom by not giving in to tantrums....I'll just buy some ice cream at the store and it will all be better.  LOL.  I got this mom thing down pat!

Have you ever done a virtual 5k?  What do you think?

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