Monday, February 25, 2013

Thoughts Du Jour

And here's Monday morning again.  I know the days come with distinct regularity, but it always seems like Monday comes with the speed of a runaway train.  Meh.  Five more days till the weekend, right?  Okay, okay, I'll stop fooling myself.
Anyways....since we're on a rant about Mondays, lets take a minute to travel back to when life was simple, a la Elementary/Middle school.  Remember those days?  When the worst part of the day was what you were wearing or if you had a quiz in math?  Where you got a recess, a gym (why did I not appreciate gym??) and time to hang out with friends during the day?  I miss those days.  Especially lunch periods...when we would trade chips for cookies, play cards, and complain about our heinous teachers.  Such a life.  And then...the magic day once a week when my mom would hand me the 1.25 or .75 (back in elementary school) and tell me to go buy my lunch.  Oh, how exciting.  To get a hot lunch for a dollar,  With an entree, a side, a dessert, a drink...and...soup if you wanted it.  I've always loved soup.  Especially the fancy sounding garden vegetable.  Chicken with spirals.  Butternut Squash Bisque.  And of course, soup du jour.  Which, now...we all know means...whatever crap they had leftover during the week.  But it's such a nice, exotic sounding name for a bunch of drivel thrown together, isn't? 
So,with that being said, since I have no huge news right now and a bunch of random thoughts twirling around in my head, I present you with a pretty name that encapsulates my brain drivel-my thoughts du jour!
1.  The Oscars-Did anyone watch that mess last night?  I flitted back in forth between the show and a movie (Flight, which was interesting, but I wouldn't waste 2.5 hours again on it) .  I took away a few things....Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous.....I wish I was Jennifer Lawrence...Anne Hathaway is disintegrating by the day (seriously, I miss her from Princess Diaries...rescue Anne!) ....and Seth MacFarlane really did not live up to his potential.  Meh. Someone tell me what the appeal is to this awards ceremony.  I don't get it.  Truly.
2.  Shopping Cart-From anorexia to foodie talk....I thought it might be interesting to show you my "preggo picks" of the week.  Monday is grocery shopping day in our world, which used to be pretty darn predictable....I'd pick up the same variety of items, set and secure in what we needed for cereals, oats, lunches, snacks, and shopping the sales on produce and meats to fill in dinners.  HAH.  Welcome to being pregnant.  Shopping is so strange....last week, I ended up buying a 10 pound bag of potatoes, two jars of marinara, 3 packages of cheese, and 12 apples because they all...."sounded good".  Greg is forewarned....if he wants normal groceries, he does the shopping.  Lol.  And because he is a sweetie (or doesn't want to shop!) I ended up going again were my "preggo picks" of the week:
Mmmmm....citrus, salt and pizza.  All the food groups. 

3.  Flower Longevity-  Remember how I got my pre-valentine's day flowers (actually, I called
 them President's Day Flowers because I got them on the 12th. )  Well, it's 3 weeks later...and this rose is still beautiful!  I don't know where he got them or why my cat hates the taste of them, but go Greg!  I would like to place an order for this rose every year, thank you very much :-)
Michael Muhney, you rock!
4.  Twitter Break Through!  Okay, I'll admit it.  I kinda hate twitter.  I figure everything I'm thinking that I actually want to publish on the Internets....I do on facebook.  I don't need to tweet how work is killing me or the dude in the lane next to me really shouldn't be wearing jammers....(okay, with my new droid...I may partake in a bit of twitter nonsense).  So, basically, my tweets are all...retweets.  I am boring.  But I still do follow some of the cooler people I know, along with some celebs, which is why I enjoy twitter.  I've got my triathletes, my fave companies...and....all the actors from my favorite soap *blushes*.  Well, over the past few months I've been following these celebs, it's pretty obvious who is a jokester, who doesn't actually tweet their own tweets, and who has their head stuck up know what.  Well, one of the actors (Adam Newman, for all you Genoa City fans) is the most hilarious twitter celeb I've ever seen.  His real name is Michael Muhney, and even though I'm not a huge fain of his character (he plays a giant tool on the show, but is clearly a goofball IRL!), his tweets and handles just kill me.  He never uses his's either the "love machine", the "Flux capacitor" and most recently "And the Oscar goes to"....along with tongue in cheek tweets and some cool behind the scenes looks.  Awesome.  Well, on Friday I responded to one of his tweets, and he tweeted me back...which I thought was kind of cool...he tweeted "Thanks, Rae, and keep up the training! #muchrespect".  Until I name isn't my twitter handle.  And he actually visited my blog to figure out who I am and what I do!  Awesome.  Yeah, I'm starstruck.  It might sound silly, but it was pretty cool doing my 25 mile spin yesterday, watching Y&R and seeing the guy that....for 5 seconds...knew who I was!  Am I silly or what?  (Don't answer that). 
And there...are my random Monday Musings.  Du Jour.  Don't forget the french :-)
What's on your mind today?

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