Friday, February 8, 2013

Whatever Lola wants....

Well, I think we have turned a corner.  Yep, for sure.  Baby post is still a few days away, but that's okay.  Let's talk food.  Specifically, cravings.
Now, I know that pregnant women have them.  I just didn't really buy into it that I would have them.  First trimester...was about keeping things down.  Fo sho.  I wanted pizza quite a bit (whats with the past tense...I STILL DO) but I think it's because, unless you load it with crap, it's a nice, easily digestible carb.  Everything else....was about what didn't sound horrific, even some of my beloved faves.
Then week 14 hit.  And I waited for food to sound good again.  Second trimester makes everything better, right?  Errr, no.  I could tolerate a few more things, but food did not sound good.
Well, like sweet 16 the age....sweet 16 is the week for FOOD!  I'm not overdoing anything....but I've had a few cravings that have been crazy this week (as in, I never eat this stuff normally!)  but I am so going with it....
1.  Chinese Food.  Oh, delicious.  Greg and I splurge once in awhile, but I decided to do my own terriyaki noodles with tofu and broccoli.  I made two servings...that served 1.2.  Me and little bit.  YUM.
2.  Fruit.  I suppose this isn't weird, but rather than my pre-preggo handful of m&ms as an evening snack (yeah, I have HAD a sweet tooth!) I find myself cutting up an apple, a mango, whatever.  Delicious.
4..  Parmesan Cheese.  Smells like feet, tastes out of this world on tabbouleh, quinoa, and rice.  I think I'm having a thing for dairy......
5.  Wendy's.  Okay, okay, fast food.  But I made do with a small cheeseburger and chili from Wendy's.  That's not too bad, right?
6.  And the DING DING DING winner....came today.  We had a crap tastic weather day in NY, and my boss was kind enough to let me work from home.  Well, I had to go pick up a prescription at the drugstore, so I went out for about an hour around noon....and the radio announcer was reminding us how crappy is was out and to NOT GO OUT...unless you were going for a shamrock shake, which just came out at Mcd's for the season.  Well, my mouth began to water.  Which is odd, because I have never HAD or WANTED a shamrock shake.  But didn't ya car just happen to drive by McDonald's and....well the rest is history.  At least I got a small.  Creamy, minty, cool, and perfect.  Craving satisfied.

Odd....but I'm laughing about it.  I guess whatever Lola...or....Lonnie....wants ......"baby" gets(No, Lola is not on the table for a name!)!  Within reason, of course....gotta practice my firm NO and shake of the, or something like that.

For the mommas out there....hit me up.  What was the WEIRDEST craving you had while pregnant?  I'm curious!!


  1. pickles on everything, every pregnancy all 4 of them. Pickles on eggs, on sandwiches on pizza, thinking back it makes me want to vomit.

    1. delicious delicious delicious. I am a pickle fiend, myself!!

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