Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 9: It's Family Time!

Month two complete!

December 17

Well, now that the first doctor appointment is behind us, we can breathe a bit easier.  There's no "perfectly safe" time in pregnancy (or ever!) but with a steady heartbeat and a clean bill of growth health at our first ultrasound, we decided to tell the parents!  Both of our families were super excited, and a few tears and many many stories later, we had told all the "new grandparents".  About the olive.  Cause that's how big the peanut is this week!.....
Your baby in week 9 of pregnancy:
Your baby, now the size of a green olive, has grown about an inch since last week. Tiny muscles are beginning to form, so while he might not be ready to pump iron, he's gearing up to move his arms and legs. It's still too soon to feel anything in your belly, but you might be able to hear something at your next checkup. Try listening for your baby's heartbeat via a Doppler device — that welcome sound should be audible anytime now.

My Deets:

Total Weight Gain: Still nothin'.  Hey, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I know I gotsta put the wiehgt back on.  All hail Christmas!
My Body: Still kinda a mess.  Christmas cookies were interesting to say the least....I think I must have dry heaved a million times (TMI, yes).  I'm sorely hoping I feel better in time for pasta sauce and pierogies!
Cravings:Sleep.  Oh wait, that doesn't count.....
Sleep:Counting down till December 20th....then I'll be on vacation for 10 days, whew.  I'm sleeping enough, but it's broken sleep and my tummy just always feels "off".  I know....good practice for the next 18 years!!
Baby Items Bought/Received:Nothin' yet, but Santa says he's bought some baby stuff so....woohoo!!
Best Baby Moment:Starting to tell our family members...I really can't wait until the holidays and the new year when we can get this out in the open!  We both feel like we're busting at the seams (okay, me literally...soon!) and we can't wait to shout the news from the rooftop!
Goals: Again, to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  Hopefully the holiday cookies will work their magic (who says that???)
Worries: Less than stellar reactions from family or friends...I hope the naysayers and pessimists keep the glass half full (spoiler alert-for the most part, they did.  Phew!)

One more week till double digits!  Woohoo!!

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