Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 5: Is that a line??

Catchin up!!

November 19th:

Wow.  What a day.  I have to get this down while it's fresh, so excuse my rambles, but it will be worth it, I promise :-)
So.  Here we are.  Back story first?  Ok.
I've been a little evasive with you wonderful readers lately.  I'm sorry.  while I've hinted around that Greg and I were thinking about kids....well, we were doing more than thinking.  We wanted them.  Badly.  In early 2012, we started to get serious about the whole "baby project".  We had a sense of humor and went with it, but I sort of put alot of things on hold for this one wish.  There were a few complications (endurance training can do that to you), and after 9 months, we got a bit discouraged.  Who says a one night stand can be dangerous?  Meh.  (Just kidding-always use just didn't happen with me!)  Anyways, after a few roadbloacks and crying jags (yes, I am a hormonal female sometimes..I admit it)...something amazing happened.  Now, (sorry for the TMI) but I don't happen to have a "normal" 4 week cycle.  OPK kits?  Bah.  Waste of time.  So I would wait 5 weeks, and if my monthly failed to show up, I would test.  Good thing those babies are cheap on the Internet.
Long story short....the Monday before Thanksgiving....a (very faint) second line appeared.  WHAT??  I thought it might be a reaction to a medication...or stress...or something I ate....but this COULD NOT be a positive test....right?  I ran out to the store and got the expensive "Early Result" test...and took it. Another positive line....(very faint).  Now, I've imagined two lines.  But this was legit.  So I called my doc, who sent me in for a blood test.
And waited.  The next day, I got a call back-no congratulations, no nothing, just.."Your HCG levels are low and we are not sure if this is viable.  Go get tested again".  Like an idiot, I I pregnant?  And the rude nurse was like, well...yeah.  (No, I never spoke with her again!!)
So I got tested again.  And again.  And 4 blood tests and a week later, was reassured that my little peanut was growing like a champ inside my belly.  Whew!
(Now, lest I sound annoyed at my own doc, I did speak with him about this nurse.  And it's moot-we're at a new OB GYN that came highly recommended.  I'm no dummy).
But here's the fun part.  Here I am with a positive test.  And we've been wanting this.  And now I get to do something that I've been dreaming of doing since we started thinking about kids.  I get to tell my husband!
So I found a little onesie that I had bought (okay, 9 months ago) with a picture of a beast on it (long, inside joke, but Greg refers to me as a beast.  It's tri related, and it truly is a compliment.  Swear).  I wrapped it up, along with the (capped) positive pregnancy test.  And then waited for him to get home (I was off that day.  Agony.) 
When he got home, we went for a walk to talk about our days.  I patiently waited until we were in front of the school, and then told him I had a gift for him.  I gave him the onesie, and he opened it (dropping the pee stick, natch) and just kind of looked at it.  I told him to pick up the test...and he looked at it...and looked at the onesie....and the biggest smile came over his face as he knocked me into a huge bear hug.  The rest...well, it was a beautiful night of excitement and sharing.  So wonderful :-)
And now comes the hard part...keeping my mouth shut for two months!  So excited!!!

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