Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To My Ro-Bear: Month 2

Dear Little Man,

Tomorrow, you will be 2 months old.  Two months!  Don't worry, I will put all the "stats" in your baby book-your height, your weight, your head circumference, and all those neat milestones.  We will talk about those soon enough. Those are super important.  But they aren't the most important things, so let's talk abut those first, shall we?
First of all, of course...I need you to know something.  I love you more and more every. single. day.  And just when I thought it wasn't possible to love someone even more....I wake up the next day and see you...and I fall in love all over again!!  Little man, you are the best thing in the entire world.  Even though you still have a severe dislike for sleep (you are NOT my child in that respect) and can get grumpy, I love you to bits. 
You love mornings best...after our 6am feed, you and I just play games and smile at each other.  We play with our animal puppets, do some tummy time, and just in general have Mommy and Rob time.  Sometimes, when you have had a less than stellar night, we go for a little walk...I'll rock you and show you all of the neat things in your world (mostly the house!) and we'll just have a nice soothing chat.  Other mornings, when you are a happy guy, we'll chatter back and forth, play "head shoulders knees and toes" and you'll give me big, toothless, cheese grins.  Oh, little dude, my heart melts every time I see a smile on your little chubby face!  You sure know how to steal hearts...I kind of feel bad for all the little girl babies you'll meet next month!  Yikes!
We are still learning how to get into a "routine"- working on naps (practically a miracle) and a good sleep schedule.  We get better some days, then go backwards some days, which is pretty normal.  You still have a voracious appetite-you love love love food time.  Seriously.  You hung out with Grandpa and GG last week and ate 9 ounces in 3 hours!  Yikes!  Moo cow Mommy is wearing a hole in the couch with all of our meal times, but the bonding is incredibly worth it.  Sorry about the oatmeal dribble that sometimes decorates your onesies...Mommy has to find a few minutes to eat, too!!
Daddy and I are pretty sure you're the most advanced baby on the block (hey, there are 3 other babies on the block, so I'm not just being silly!).  You adore tummy time, and "walking" on us....and we are working on your signs (Daddy swears you are working on the "daddy" sign, but I know you're working on far more important 'hungry')
It's funny, little dude.  Sometimes we'll have a day like today where you don't nap and need me to pick you up every 5 minutes...ones where you eat every two hours and spit up and have a gassy tummy.  Days like that are hard and I sit and think....he will grow out of this.  I can do this.  Then you'll fall asleep on my chest and blow your little baby lips out so damn adorably....give a little sigh and scootch up on mommy just a bit more and I think...does it really get any better than this?  I think not, little man.  We have the best Rob and mommy snuggles, hands down.  Man, I hope you never grow out of that!
They don't tell you everything I'm supposed to do with you....sometimes I just stare in frustration at the day gone by where I have no clue what I've done....have I eaten?  Showered?  Anything?  What in the heck am I doing??
Then you'll stop crying, and give me a baby toothless grin.  One that're doing okay.  We're in this one together.  And I know then that it's all worth it.  These past 8.5 weeks in baby the best place to be.  And even though you'll be on a new adventure next month at daycare, I know we're still going to have plenty of playtime.  And walks.  And play mat adventures.  And story time.  And snuggles.  Did I mention how much I love you?  Well, just in case you forgot in the last 5 seconds...I love you, Ro-Bear.  I can't wait for our next adventure!
Your Mommy

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