Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Fun in Links!

Hey hey hey!!  Well, it's a beautiful long weekend and Greg, Rob and I are out and about catching up with family, friends, and just in general having some together time.  I'll be back with some full reporting and baby cuteness on Tuesday, but until then, here's some funnies to fill your down time.....

1.  In honor of back to school time, here's a hilarious clip for those teachers, especially in school districts with some, um, different names....

2.  In case you missed my facebook post, this little gem is hilarious.  My cousin sent it to me, and now Greg and I have a little joke going back and forth about sending Rob to mommy when he is "hungry".  In my husband's defense, sometimes her really is but....still worth a laugh :-P

3.  Bills fan?  I'm so sorry.  Something to put you out of your misery (or drown you in your sorrows).  Not that I agree-pushing out a watermelon in fact DOES suck more...but I feel for you.  I've never seen a team so hell bent on being ridiculous!

4. Looking to get in some last minute shopping before heading back to the grind on Tuesday?  Well, great scott, look no further!  You CAN buy everything on the internets!  ( i die at the comments).

5.  Bored and feel like wasting an hour or two?  Check out honest movie trailers.  Freaking hilarious- we died at Star Trek, The Notebook, Independence Day, Titanic....I could go on and on.

Enjoy your weekend and some aimless internets humor!  Any fun plans? 

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