Thursday, September 12, 2013

Month 2 - Mommy Check In

Hey, remember me?  Yeah, me either.  It's funny....I love blogging, and it's not time consuming, but just seems to fall off my radar a bit.  As in....the baby is fed, not crying, I've showered and ate, now do I want to spend the 5 minutes I have with my husband...or writing?  And...Greg wins.  As he should.  But I still miss you guys.  And owe you a "Mommy 2 month update".  So let's get on it.

Now that Rob is 2 months old, I sort of feel like I can remove myself from the.."hey, I just birthed a baby" to..."hey, I'm a mom" persona.  By the way, in case you were wondering, Rob kicked patootie at his 2 month check up...10 pounds 9 ounces!  He keeps moving up in the percentiles, which makes momma and the doctor happy!  Errr, anyways.  Sorry, kiddo brag second there.
So momma.  How am I doing?  Still a mixed bag, but we keep moving forward ( I think).

Passed out on mommy...aww
Physically - This is always the easiest one for me.  Officially, I am back at the weight I was when I first got pregnant.  I have a few pounds to lose to get back to racing weight, but am wholly unconcerned.  All of my pants fit, and most of my shirts do.  With that said, my body has definitely changed.  My waist is still about 2 inches bigger, obviously my chest is bigger, and I seemed to have lost a bit in my legs (cool).  I can pretty much do anything I used to do-back to running without issue.  I'm doing pretty well at half marathon training, when I have the time to run.  I'm nowhere near as fast as I used to be, which is fine.  I have plenty of more important things on my agenda!  I've been running 2-3 times a week, based on kiddo needs.  Sometimes my 5 milers turn into 3 milers, and sometimes my mile repeats turn into half mile repeats, but I'm excited to just run for fun at the Rochester half.  I'm proud of the fact that I am pretty much back to normal, and haven't been stressing about it.  Because I am breastfeeding, I pretty much eat what I want...within reason of course.  I'm not watching my diet with the exception that I want quality foods because they pass on to my kiddo!!  Ice Cream is quality, right?  C'mon, it has calcium!!

Mentally - I feel drained, still.  Rob man was finally diagnosed with acid reflux, which makes alot of sense with the issues we have had with feeding and sleeping.  The doc gave me some suggestions for how to make him more comfortable and us a bit more sane, which has me hopeful.  We are still working on the sleep thing, and little man eats like a horse.  However, he is turning from an infant to a baby....which sounds silly, but basically I mean we are starting to have way more fun with him!  He smiles quite a bit now, coos, and loves to play games with us and read stories.  So even though I am tapped out in terms of sleep deprivation ( 4 hours in a row sounds like heaven right now)...I'm coping.  We've had some wonderful grandparent help so Greg and I can get out of the house, and Greg has been great about doing Daddy time during the weekends and some nights so I can get out of the house run, to hang out with friends, or even to grocery shop!

Emotionally- This one is getting quite a bit better.  I've had a few tearful breakdowns at 4am (who hasn't) but I am so lucky to have a supportive, loving husband that is weathering this period with me.  We still try to laugh when the diaper explodes or we get peed on (usually works), and really try to just be there for each other. As for our little man....well, I can honestly say I've never felt such love and amazement as I have with this little guy.  He is perfect - so strong and sweet and funny completely a character of his own....well, I am smitten.  Every smile, laugh, coo,finger grab and toe curl just melts my heart.  I love him to bits more and more every day.  Even though I am honest about the parts that suck about caring for an infant....I would never for a second take it back...and I encourage it for anyone that's thought of having kids (just sleep alot now, do your wild things, and then save about that order :-P)  We are on month two of a roller coaster ride, and I can't wait to see what happens next!!

In month 3....we hope to get a more established routine (in progress), some mommy baby jogs in (he is now clear to go running with me!) and prep Ro-Bear for daycare.  I go back to work on September 30, and Greg will be home with little guy for a week.  He starts daycare on October 7, so just after 3 months, which I think will work out well.  My little man is getting so so big!!

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