Monday, September 16, 2013

Date Night

The three little words that new parents love most (well, other than "The Baby's Asleep" or "Let me takeover (consolidated for effect) are...It's Date Night!  Woohoo!
Last night, Gramma P. and her friend watched the little ro-bearski so that Greg and I could have a date.  Date #2 in 10 weeks...I think we're doin' better with a kiddo than when we didn't have one! ( I jest, I jest).
Backin' up for a sec....Saturday afternoon I got in my last long run before the half marathon this upcoming Sunday.  The run felt...good.  The weather was perfect, my new kicks are just broken in enough, and the capris that used to cut off circulation oof my thighs now fit (how did THAT happen?)  I have some new, crappy pop songs to pep me up (yep, I listen to PXY crap during my runs.  Sue me).  All things considering with this half "training", I feel pretty good about the race.  Not PR good, not even breaking 2 hours good.  But 10 minute mile good.  Having fun good.  And 10 weeks post partum...I'll take that and a bag of chips.  No seriously, I want the chips.  heh. 
Anywhos, after the run and nursing, I felt ready to gnaw my arm off.  So we decided to do the kind of date's not a "impress the spouse" date.  Ya know, where you can order garlic and onions.  Or just a sandwich the size of your head...and then some.
We ventured to Fairport, which is far enough away to be a date and close enough should we need to rush home to the Ro-Bear.  We thought about biking, but it gets dark too damn early now, so we settled for a canal walk of about 2 miles pre dinner...we went to the park, sat in a swing, pretended to like each other....oh wait.  I mean, acted al lovey.  All kidding aside, it was super nice to just snuggle without knowing a baby might cry (even though, yes, we missed the hell out of our little man.  Shucks that kid has our number!)
Post walk, we decided on The Landing Bar and Grille for dinner-casual pub food.  I was about to do my usual lame chicken sandwich or salad when I saw...the blob.  A food challenge of 1.5 pounds of Angus beef, cheddar, fixins, and a plate of fries.  You could go at it alone (if you finished, it's free!) but it was recommended to split 2-4 ways.  Since I just did a 12 miler, I said to Greg "Oh Hell Yeah!"...but not so much on the finishing it (though I probably could post marathon or Ironman!) so we split it.
Good call.
Check this motha out!

No joke.  It's supposed to come on a hard roll, but they ran out-and I actually liked the french bread better!!  We finished half the sandwich and all the fries, which left us full but not stuffed.  My only complaint?  The fires were a bit done for me...I like mine smushy.  But that's a personal preference, so it's not a complaint.  The beef was amazing, and the whole thing was delectably bad food delicious, but not overly greasy.  And all this food?  15.95!  Add in our drinks, subtract the obligatory groupon (c'mon, who pays full price!) and we had date night for two, all for 15 bucks with tip.  Sweet.
All in all, it was a great night catching up with my first love (that would be Greg) but it was also awesome to come home to my current obsession (that would be Rob).  Perfection.
I have two more weeks with little guy before I go back to work full time, and I intend to make them count!  Lots of games, snuggles and Ro-Bear momma time.  Look for some freezer meal recipes coming up as I prep for return to work (hey, I missed out pre baby, you can bet I'm going to prep for return to work!), some ridiculous baby posts, and a half marathon recap coming your way!  Have a great week!

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  1. Holy Crap... That hit the spot for you two ...No Doubt!!