Saturday, September 21, 2013

Running Mama

Well, it's almost here!  Time for the sanity saver Mommy race...tomorrow I will be running 13.1 miles in my first half marathon as a mommy.  I signed up for this race 6 weeks ago, when Rob man turned one month old....not for a PR or some hard core training, but to keep me sane and have some "Rae time" each week.  I've been doing 2-3 runs per week, 3 on the schedule, but only able to do 2 some weeks.  Some of my tempo runs have turned into intervals.  Some of the long runs have turned into tempos.  At least 75% have been done on the treadmill (10 miles on the treadmill = forever).  This run is kind of symbolic for me...I go back to work next week, so it represents my maternity leave in a way.  I began running about 2 weeks after Rob man was born.  Since then, I've run at 4am.  At 9pm.  After sleepless nights. 
After fussy time.  Through some incontinence (sorry TMI).  In double sports bras.  Right after feedings.  During nap times (short as they may be!)  With my buddy right next to me by the treadmill.  WITH my buddy in the jogging stroller.
And tomorrow, I'll be running those 13 miles thinking of my buddy....but also of how much I love to run and am retaining part of me that isn't a mommy. 
So the question I run as a Mom in Motion?  Haven't decided yet, simply because I haven't worn my new jersey and it could snow or be 90 :-P  I've got my play list geared up, my buttered popcorn jelly beans ready for fuel....and I am not rested, not fresh, and not feeling speedy.  It's gonna be a great day, without regard to the time on the clock.  Stay tuned for a weird race report and feel free to track me through!

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