Friday, September 6, 2013

Rob 2.0

No, I'm not pregnant again.  Swearsies.  It's just baby's 2nd month let's see what my little dude has been up to in month 2!

Rob: Month 2

I'd like to say we are settling into a rhythm, but my kiddo likes to keep it wild and crazy, so we're still working on it.  Days include: 7-10 feeds (yes, really), tummy time (times 2 or 3), walks, stroller rides, singing, dancing, playing puppets, reading books, signing, and endless amounts of laundry and diaper changes.  We start the day about 5am and end about 11pm, with a 2am feed in there an optional sleep between 2am and 5am.  Yikes.  I think I have the least sleep needing baby.  Ever.  But hey, we are taking baby steps.  Heh.  So what's up with my little man?  Read on....
You still love music, little man.  Your favorite station is the buzz, and you rock out to late 80s and 90s music all day.  Its your favorite background noise for sleeping (along with the vacuum cleaner, of course).  You adore your really like Winnie the Pooh, and all the Disney stories.  Still aren't so sure about some of the more conventional children's books, but snuggles with mommy or daddy and reading work for you every time.  You also love going for walks-we hooked up your jogging stroller and your car seat snaps right into it, so we go for walks all the time now!  Pretty much, staying in motion is your fave.  Wonder where you got that from....

You still aren't too sure about the bath.  You don't scream as much anymore, but aren't a super fan.  You hate the sound of paper crinkling...weird. You also hate anywhere from 6pm to 9pm with a passion, Mr. Cranky Pants.  Hey, I get hangry too sometimes.  Hmm....well, you still detest naps, but that's another section so here we go....

Oh my buddy.  You seriously have FOMO.  We got to a decent stretch of about 4 hours for a few days, and now we are back on the 3 hours max at a time...and little or no naps each day.  You hate your swaddle, and we have to stand over you and hold it till you fall asleep.  I'm guessing you average 10 hours on a good day....yikes.  Need more, my guy!  But you just are so interested in the world, little man, who can blame you for wanting to soak it all in?  Um, Mommy.  Yep.  Mommy misses sleep, even though playtime is fun too :-)  On a good note, you work well in your bassinet for the first stretch of sleep at night and sometimes for one nap during the day.  Hopefully we are growing into this!  But you still love sleepin' with us the best....and sometimes, we give in and enjoy it ourselves!
Still eating all the time.  We usually feed 7-8 times a day, and Mommy has a hard time keeping up sometimes!  We pumped for a morning last week and you ate 9 ounces in 3 hours!  My big strong man!!  Our scale says you weigh about 10 pounds, which is up almost 4 since birth.  We'll get the real story on Tuesday at your 2 month check up!

Laugh - You think mommy and daddy are such silly geese's.  When we play games in the morning, you smile and laugh at us all the time.  You also laugh at the bears in your swing mobile.  You love the bears!
Grocery shops- You aren't up for long mommy and kiddo solo trips, but you do well when we have relief.  Again, loving the motion of the cart.
Out to dinner!  - Your first restaurant?  Charlie's.  Hey, we keep it classy.  You really wanted the fries....but hey, at least you got them second hand!
Race!  - You kicked butt as baby cheerleader at Sodus Tri!  Go Team!!

Best Moment of the Month:
It's a tie - between the first laugh (those smiles and laughs melt my heart) or seeing you at the finish line when I finished Sodus.  There was something so cool about having the whole family be there on a gorgeous day, taking in the race and beauty, that really got to me.  Oh, we are going to have so much fun little man!!

Looking Forward to:
Sitting up (you really do well with head support), more social outings, and hopefully a new sleep schedule...we are working on it, dude!  Am also looking forward to taking you for runs (coming soon- 10 weeks or so!) so that I can teach you how wonderful the breeze in your face feels.  And the falling leaves.  And celebrating my birthday with my little man!  Here's to month 3!

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