Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Mommy Workout

Ahh, how the time flies.  Can't believe my little man is almost 3 weeks old!  And for those of you  There is no routine.  There is sleep loss, milk machining, soothing, shushing and crying (on both sides).  But there is also laughter (on our end).  Smiling (on both-and no, I don't want to hear its gas).  Tickles.  Snuggles.  Playtime.  And ohhh....I just love my little man to bits.  I highly recommend mommy hood.
But I won't lie.  I miss my give em hell training routine, which I haven't seen in over a year.  And with Lake Placid this weekend...I feel a bit envious.  Okay, alot.  But I know there's time for that down the road.  That long course is there next year...or the year after.  That there might be a fall race, child and body willing.  And that's okay.
But even though I'm exhausted by being mommy and my body is still recovering, you better believe I'm still trying to treat it right.  So what does that mean, 3 weeks post partum?  Well, Ill tell ya.

On the food chain, I admit that I am a hungry beast.  But as I was when I was pregnant, I know that everything I eat, the little one eats too.  So, it's all about balance.  I try to eat a ton of produce (but limiting the gassy foods, like broccoli....lil dude needs NO help in the poo dept).  Lean protein- tofu, fish, chicken, sirloin.  Oats.  (YES, I can eat oats, bananas and greek yogurt again!).  Barley, bulgur and brown rice.  Plenty of calcium with yogurt, milk, and cheese.  And of course....the odd treat here and there.  (Hey, BF burns about the equivalent of 5 miles of running per day....hell yes I am going to have my chocolate cake!)

What about body?  Well, as I said before, maternity leave does NOT give you free time, man.  Not that I thought it did, but I've never felt so accomplished by doing the smallest thins around the house or for me before!  With BF'ing about 12 times a day (this kid is GROWING) I don't sleep much or have time for me (although I do read my kindle alot....and watch crap TV.  LOL).  So can a new mommy get a workout in?
Yes and no.  Not a 60 mile ride or a 10 mile run for sure, but I still get in something every day.  It's just about little bits-if I went the all or nothing route, I would walk away defeated.  Every Day.
So I'm flexible.  I start out my day with a half hour goal-cardio and weights.  Then I fit in 5 minutes.  Or 10.  And keep track.  Until I hit 30, or 45 even, if I'm lucky.  Some of my "sets"

* One 10 minute solutions segment (I have pilates, kickboxing, and boot camp).  I can't do all the kickboxing stuff yet, but I improvise
* One mile walk (15 minutes)
* 10 minute circuit - 50 crunches, 25 push ups, 15 each of bicep curls, squats and tricep dips.  Repeat 3 times.
* Dance party with my little man to one song on the radio (5 minutes) - obviously I'm super careful with his head!)
* Leg circuit - 25 leg lifts, inside leg lifts, dolphin kicks, bridges (repeat 3 times - = 10 minutes)
* 10 minute ab circuit - 25 crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches, frog crunches, and 30 second plank x 2.
* Stair flights - 20 flights = 5 minutes.

Those are the mainstays right now, though I do throw in whatever strikes me.  Nothing too intense, nothing too time consuming, but something to help my healing body and make me feel like me again.  Watch out race season 2014....this new mommy will be ready to go!

And no, I'm not trying to lose weight.  I've been blessed to get back into my normal pants already, but I am eating quite enough to keep up my milk supply.

And no, I haven't forced my child to do weights with me.  He does push ups on his own, thankyouverymuch.  And the little turd is better at it than I am :-P

If you have kiddos, what was your post baby philosophy and healthy mom?

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