Monday, July 1, 2013

Tales from the Crypt

Well, we're here.  It's Monday.  It's July. g is officially full term.  Which, if you think about it, basically means squat except that if s/he was born today (or, of course, going forward!) that it's not a preemie situation.  Yay, baby g!!
So, now the golden question has been (all day long) "How are you feeling"??
Well, guys, this is not a simple question.
How do I feel for being almost 9 months pregnant?  Dandy.  Fabulous.  Let's go run a marathon (okay, I'm kidding.  But we could maybe do 5 miles if ya want (slowly).
How do I feel as a human being?
Well.  Let me tell you.
I'm going to the bathroom every hour.  At least.  (Yes, this includes during the night). 
I'm getting punched. every. 5. minutes.  (Aside-I am so glad the baby is healthy, but damn kiddo!  lol)
I'm tired.
My tummy is super uncomfortable.
I just want to laze in a pool so I can get comfortable.
Laying down doesn't work.
I'm hot.
And I can't even get cheese with that w(h)ine wine for me!! 
Cheese would be good, though.  I still like cheese.  Alot.

 So, I also went in for my 37 week check up today-got my first non- stress test.  Apparently, I'm Braxton Hicks-ing with the best of them, which makes a good heartbeat hard to get.  No worries.  Baby G is head down, I'm one cm dilated, and after a nice box o juice, we did some gymnastics in the room while I recorded the one two punches with my jeopardy game stick.  So glad someone got their kickboxing in today.....Mommy was a little sleep deprived :-P

Enough with the complaining.  Seriously, life is good.  But I am quite sure that (a) I do NOT remember life before I was pregnant and (b).....I am so glad I am in the home stretch! 

Now for the next 3 weeks, I promise to use my pregnancy as an excuse for everything and to get out of everything I don't want to do.  Crap.  I wasn't supposed to type that :-P

T- minus one (short!) week till maternity leave, T- minus 21 days till turtle time (give or take) and t-minus 3 days till July of my favorites!  So it's a good week.  No more complaints. 

Hope your Monday went swimmingly....and that you have a short work week, too!!


  1. Your posts are so cute! I'm glad to see you have a sense of humor even though you're uncomfortable. I wish you quick labor, don't listen to everyone's horror stories and remember your body knows what to do, women are amazing. oh and ps these last couple weeks as the baby moves down, you may feel like you are being stabbed in the vagina ( sounds awesome I know). That is normal, and an exercise balance ball is very helpful to sit on and relieve some pressure. I'm sure I don't have to tell you it will all be worth it.

    1. You are so sweet, thank you :-) Hoping to see you and Joe and the kiddos soon!!!