Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Body After Baby-First Week Changes

Yeah, yeah, I know...another freaking baby post.  Sorry guys.  I promise this won't be a mommy blog,but please bear with me as I enjoy my new treasure!!  Next post - food or training.  Promise.  And not baby food.
Today, I want to talk about the taboo.  No, not that-I swear this is still a family blog (sorry for the over share on the birth story!).  Now that it's 10 days post partum (wrote most of this post on Monday!), I thought I would take a pic, step on the scale, whip out the tape measure.  Obviously, as a new and breastfeeding momma, my mind is not on the scale as a priority....but it's cool to know where I stand as a new momma in terms of clothes and the scale.  Here's the skinny:
I gained a total of 25 pounds with my little man-30 pounds over race weight (my happy weight).  I gained 5 pounds while trying for a baby, per docs suggestion, then another 25 during my 37 weeks.  Pretty average, no big deal. 
On the day I went into labor till the day I came home from the hospital, I lost 15 pounds-baby, fluid, placenta.  My waist went from 43" to 34", up from 27" pre pregnancy.
As of July 15th, 10 days post partum, I'm down 17 pounds, and to 32" around the waist-so 13 pounds to go.  And my pants fit, yay!  I wore maternity clothes and yoga pants for a few days, then the hair tie trick (tied around the pants waist for more room) for one day, then on Sunday, was able to zip up my pants.  Woot woot!
Week 37-all sorts of pregnant
10 pays post partum with my lil guy!
Note that I am NOT DIETING.  As a moo-cow machine, I am hungry ALL the time.  I've regained most of my pre pregnancy taste buds-yay for oatmeal and greek yogurt! But with the kiddo's schedule and new mommy deadness, I tend to grab nutritious bites all the time, rather than big meals, which seems to have a positive effect on weight loss.  I've got a few baskets around the house as "stations" during kiddo feeding, stocked with nuts, dried fruit, and fig newtons for a quick bite.  Greg and I have been lucky enough to have people bring us food, and he spelled me for a bit over the weekend so I could shop and get good food in the house.  Hey, it's important.
My Body-I still feel pretty sore, but more like I ran back to back marathons and got kicked in a certain spot a few times.  Nothing major- no feet swelling, or, erm, other side effects in my nether regions if you will.  For exercise, I've gone on walks and done a few light workouts starting 5 days PP, but nothing major yet-I'm playing it smart, and frankly, spending time with my son is way more important to me.  More stretching, low impact stuff-we'll shelve that running for quite some time!  Right now it's more for my sanity and Mommy breaks that I'm walking and doing light stuff-it helps me take a little bit of time for me, which is priceless. 
Bottom line-no complaints.  Clearly, I am no expert at this kiddo and pregnancy thing, but overall, I've had a great experience bringing life into the world.  Chalk it up to luck, decent eating, activity, and a cooperative kiddo in utero (thanks buddy!)
Now being a parent...well that's a whole 'nother story.  One day at a time :-)


  1. You are doing great post-partum and I'm sure the parenting thing will come one day at a time- after all you never really know until you do it! (coming from someone who has never been a parent yet...)

  2. Thank you! I think the one hour at a time thing is my parenting strategy....but he is so worth it :-)