Monday, July 29, 2013

Iron Dreams

 Yesterday, 2500 athletes toed the line at the best race on the planet.  3 years ago, I was one of them.  Ahh, Lake Placid.  Yesterday, Greg and I tracked our friends trekking through 140.6...some had great days (like our Rochester native Jennie Hansen who won the women's race, and our friend Heather, who PR'ed by over 2 hours on the course) some had less than stellar days, but still managed to break the tape through true grit.
Mile 15 of IMLP marathon...3rd best day of my life!
Yesterday...I changed diapers.  Fed my little man a dozen times.  And managed to hit up two stores on a mommy break, which is really a big deal.  No miles on the treadmill or bike, and I have a vague idea of what Canandaigua Lake felt like a month ago when my 9 month pregnant belly and I took a dip.
Life sure changes, doesn't it?  Just like if you would have told me in 2010 where I would be now, I would have laughed at you....the idea of 140.6 right now is hilarious.  I bet I could make the cutoffs....if thy gave me time every two hours to pump or feed.  Wait, that isn't allowed?
Not that I would trade my little man for a million Ironmans.  He IS my little Ironman, and every day he lifts his head or drags on his elbows or smiles at me (yes, it's a real smile they say now) I remember how freaking cool it is to be a mom.  And mom is my game this year.
But what about next year?  As I fed for the fifth time today at 12:30, I *MAY* have perused the Lake Placid site to see if they sold out (and to gasp at the $700 price tag....3 years ago, it was $600!).  It wasn't sold out.
Or at 12:45.
Or 12:52.
And I must admit, I hovered over the *register now* link, thinking....I would have 365 days to prepare.  And next year, I can be up there having all the fun splashed on facebook and twitter!  Best place on earth!  I wanna go!
Split second hesitation.
And I clicked off.
The truth mind is ready for 140.6.  But my body isn't.  And my finances aren't.  And my lifestyle certainly isn't.  And I won't give Ironman any less than my best.  The time needed, the funds, and the real experience of an awesome day demand that.
So I will keep that space between my ears ready.  The fires burning. And work my way back up through sprints, Olympics, and 70.3's.  Some 13.1's.  Maybe a marathon?
Ironman, I will come back for you.  Not this year.  And probably not next.  But 2015?  We have a date.  Just not sure where yet.  :-)


  1. Holy bananas! $700?! I've heard you and others shiver at the price, but I never knew how much it is to register! Dang! Hold tight to that money for now and cuddle with that handsome boy of yours and IM WILL be there for you when you're ready!

  2. I'm sooooo flattered, I got a shout out on your blog :) WOOT WOOT!! Thanks for tracking me too lady! I wish everyone had come out the day before the race and said "Heather I'm following you" so that on race day as I'm whining I could have been like.... well Rae is currently tracking me so I better pick it up.... instead I thought to myself.... who cares, no ones even tracking me haha as I hated life at mile 135! Makes me smile more now though (because I can rationally think!) to see how much love I had on my special day. Thanks Rae!