Saturday, June 1, 2013

Confessions of a Pregnant Triathlete: the 3rd Trimester.

Hey all, how's life treating you on this gorgeous 90 degree day?  Other than the fact that I would bribe my high school nemesis for a dip in a nice, cold outdoor pool....things are good.  Lack of cankles?  Check.  Plenty of Popsicles?  Check.  Out for a run?  Not so much.  Which, with a recent comment on my last "confessions" post, made me realize that....5 months pregnant and rounding 8 months pregnant....changes a few things.  A few things other than proximity to my due date.  (Holy hell is that coming fast).  So as I round out 33 weeks in this gestating an alien stage of my life, I thought I would share how my "training" (used SO loosely) is going.  Read on.

Confessions of a (very) Pregnant Triathlete

1.  I can't race.  Its not fair.  As the "tri" season kicks off tomorrow in western NY with the Keuka Lake Tri and the Pittsford Tri (which Greg is breaking his cherry on this year!)...I'm excited to see another year of multi sport in our house.  And on facebook.  And with my tri-friends.  And....I'm jealous as hell.  I thought about doing the relay father in law would have a heart attack (yes Dad, I KNOW) and it was kinda pricey for a 300 yard swim and 3.3 mile run. So, we're spectating.  Which is totally fine.  I love just being around the sport and cheering my hubby on, but....let's be real.  I wish I was out there, toeing the line.  baby, you're worth it.  But wouldn't it be cool if I could just take you off for 2 hours like those fake bellies they used to train 16 year olds how to cross their legs with?  No? No?
2.  I'm down to one pair of shorts that fit.  Running shorts, that is.  NONE of my bike shorts fit, and I thank goodness that I have a male in the house who is a bit bigger than me.  But I still feel he goes out for a ride, "Hey Babe, where are my favorite shorts"  Oh, you mean the super comfy ones with the high waist and nice big chammy?  Um....I dunno......Poor guy.  He heard he might lose his clothes, but probably not his bike shorts. 
3.  My treadmill is broken.  Lame.  It's been 90 degrees for most of the week, which means my big tummy ain't sweating outside, so I haven't run since last weekend.  We ordered new springs for it, so fingers crossed they come in soon.  Aside from the fact that I have to pee every 5 seconds when I run anyways (no kidding, I think I went 16 times during the du...DURING BREAKS OF COURSE!)'s nice to be lumbering on the dreadmill.  Yeah, you'll never hear me say that again!
4.  Swimming is my saving grace.  Except that whole rotation thing.  I visited the pool four times this week for 45 minutes of freestyle, backstroke, and kicking.  Aside from the fact that I get some wicked leg cramps and a few side stitches (we take breaks, no worries), swimming is manna from heaven.  I asked Greg if we could install an endless pool in the backyard this weekend.  He thought I was joking.  HA.  Um, no.
5.  I'm sorta looking into a June 5k, with caution.  I've managed to run every month in a race with the lil bit (except December, damn).  I contemplated the Mendon Mauler today (4 miles of trail) but once again, too damn hot.  I'm hoping for the airport 5k in 5 weeks.  If I can still run, and my clothes fit.  Never thought that would be a consideration for a race :-P  I also never thought I would be so amped about a freakin 5k.  I know, I'm a snob.
6.  Here's the big one.  (Pun intended).  Even though I would kill to be at the starting line of Keuka or Pittsford tomorrow....I sort of doubt I could pull off a swim, bike run right now...even a 90 minute one.  And that sort of depresses me.  C'mon, I can do half marathons in my sleep.  This is lame.  But I know that it's only short term, and for the best reason possible, so I'm trying to remember that.  Even with all those damn bike pictures and medals on facebook.  Lucky stiffs :-P

7 weeks left (ish).   Just always trying to remember how damn blessed I've been not only to have a healthy kiddo, but to even be able to swim, bike and even do some running races during these last 7.5 months! This has been the coolest, weirdest, most rewarding, most frustrating experience ever.  All at the same time.  And we've barely begun!  (Note:  Remember that these "confessions" posts are meant to be tongue in cheek.  I adore the fact that we're going to have a baby.  But I'm also honest about that little green monster.)

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