Monday, June 17, 2013

My Precious

Whole lotta mish mash coming your way...fair warning!!
How was your weekend?  Aside from the obligatory baby ready-ing and a titch of drama, we did well this weekend.  Celebrated Father's Day yesterday with the hubbers (daddy to be, current daddy and fur all counts!) - my godfather had to work, so we arranged for our Dad's day to be next Saturday.  Hey, whatever works, works.   We got the baby room finis - Greg hung the curtains and wall accoutrement's, and I organized all of our clothes by size to figure out what we still need (nothing until 12 months).  Sweet.  This week, we meet with the OB nurse, I get to do disability paperwork, and we interview our pediatrician.  Still looking for that car seat inspection (all of the towns around us require you to be a resident, and our town doesn't so them.  Lame.)  Luckily, we have some fire department members in the fam, so we've agreed on a fair lunch swap for our kiddos safety check.  It works.

On Saturday, we went out to Honeoye Falls to move some furniture to clean out Gram Glaser's apartment - we took a beautiful hutch that matches our china cabinet, which fits perfectly in our dining room.  Score.  We also helped move some other furniture (fine- I directed, on family orders :-P)  and unraveled the mystery of the bequest.  See, Gram had a pretty standard Will....with a few extras she left to a few selected people.  My cousin got the chandelier.  My Aunt got a specific gift Gram had in mind.  And she left me something.  What?  Well, I had no clue what it was, but it had the family in stitches, so clearly this must have been something I made a comment on that she remembered.  Well....I found out what it is.  And I have a few ideas....but was not prepared for this one.  She left us a dog.  Yep, my very own black poodle.  A guard dog.  One that should not be messed with...

...lest you stub your toe.  LOL.  I'm thinking I must have commented on her guard dog at some point, or lamented about how I wanted my own dog so badly, but Greg is making me wait until kiddo g is 3 or 4.  (Which I totally can do, but it's a joke with us).  So....Gram got us a dog.  A non shedding, non pooping, non barking dog that's heavy as all get out, wears pearls on Mondays, and makes a great door stop.
I love her.  I immediately named her Precious, cause it's clearly a girl dog and....somewhat creepy.  But ya know what?  She thought of me, thought it was important to leave with me, and I'm going with it.  Plus, I burst out laughing every time I pass this silly dog standing watch by our front door.
Love you Gram.
And that's my big story for the weekend.  Have you ever had something really strange left to you that you can't figure out?  Share!


  1. That is hilarious and so, so sweet! You have to love grandmas :) And now you'll see it and think of her every day. I just love that out of everything, she was like "Rae MUST get this!" haha!

  2. That poodle is fantastic - especially with the pearls!