Sunday, June 9, 2013

The ones we love

This is dedicated to the ones we love......
As I mentioned briefly last week, it's been a rough week in my little corner of the world.
Last Tuesday, I got the news that my aunt passed away from lung cancer.  She was only 62.  To say that I wasn't expecting this one would be like saying that I didn't really expect the sun to rise that morning.  I had no idea.  I guess she found out last December that she had cancer, but decided that she didn't want anyone but her daughters to know.  Which I respect.  She passed peacefully on Tuesday morning at home.  A full life, for sure.  Just cut way too short.
Then, on Thursday afternoon, we got a call from Greg's aunt letting us know that his grandma passed.  Granted, she was in her 80's, but it's never something you want to hear.  I'd only known Grandma Glaser for 8 years, but loved her to bits with her fiery, take no bullsh*t attitude.  So, for one entry, I wanted to remember these two special women and the way they impacted my life.
My Aunt Barb taught me....
Never to take no for an answer.
That I will be a brat, no matter how old I am.
That in order to stay healthy, you gotta stay active.
That watching Twilight in your jammies at 1am when you are 9 years old is...perfectly acceptable.
If it's yellow, let it mellow.  If it's brown....yeah, flush that down.
That exotic birds and super cool, and yes, parrots do mimic you.  Especially if you keep callin' em turds.
 That peanut brittle is the best invention ever.  And the perfect Christmas gift.
That even though you might be getting older're never old unless you say so.
That you can, in fact, change everything about your life.  It just takes some time, creativity, and faith.

Even though she ended up living 3000 miles away, I'll never forget the fun times we had and am so glad I got to see her when Greg and I went out to Cali a few years back.  You will be missed, but I am so thankful we were pals for 30 years :-)

As for Greg's grandma, well.....that was only an 8 year friendship.  But from the moment I met her, I knew this was a grandma to be reckoned with.  One they called "the queen" (she had a striking resemblance to the queen of England.).  One that took no crap, whatsoever.  If you looked fat in the dress, you looked fat in the dress.  But I loved her.  Because....
....She had a ridiculously quirky sense of humor.  Part and parcel for a Glaser, of course.
....She had a real, square between the eyes view of life.  A few years ago, I was visiting my grandma's grave, and saw her grave a few rows down.  Freaked me out.  When I asked her about it, she told me everyone dies, and that was her house for her time.  And I should visit her in real life now, dammit.
....She loved barbies.  In a childlike, magical kind of way.  And delighted in showing me each and every barbie she had.  
....She never treated me like Greg's wife.  Just a granddaughter.  I could actually say the same thing about every member of my husband's family, which is special and amazing to me.  Thy aren't in laws.  (Out laws?: -))  They are family.  And that's priceless.

Grandma G., you will be missed.  Heaven caught two fine ladies last week, and while we are missing them and our world is a little less bright, I know they are up there, raisin' hell and takin' names.

I love you Aunt Barb and Grandma Arlene!

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  1. Aww, how perfectly spot on...I feel awful I was unaware about your Aunt on the other coast, my condolences :(. I will see you in just soo many hours for a big hug, cuz ;)- Amy