Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 35: The Conundrum of that health nut

2 more weeks until baby g is considered full term!  Woah!  We keep talking to my belly, letting kiddo know s/he has 2 more weeks at least but no more than 5.  We'll see if the kiddo listens to it's parents or not....forecast of the next 21 years :-P  So what's kiddo up to?....

Week 35

Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (about the size of a honeydew melon). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

Woohoo!  Fully developed kiddo!  Now it's time to jab mommy in the ribs, side, go, my lil kickboxer!  Found out from the doc this week (after commenting on my perfectly shaped that baby g is about 5 pounds to their measurement....right on task.  Good going, kiddo!

Momma's Week: 
Body: Up 23 pounds - still steadily gaining, no big news here.  Still all belly...up to 42" on my tummy - over 15 inches bigger than pre baby tums!  Just for funsies....check out the difference 30 weeks makes.

Week 5 - hey look, I DID used to have a flat tummy!
Week 35.....think the clothes shrunk!

Holy cow-who IS that woman??
Cravings: More fruit down the ole hatch, and still on the cheese kick.  Seriously, I think I'm in the market for a picnic....french bread, cheddar, and berries....sign me up!  Nom nom nom  Also, frozen mangoes are the best. The dollar store sells bags of 'em that taste just like sorbet...I think I ate 4 bags this week!!

Aversions: Still the same ole suspects-by now, we just know enough to stay the heck away.
Sleep: Just not happening.  It's getting rather miserable, to be honest.  I cat nap.  Then I wake up crampy or having to go potty.  Ugh.  I asked Greg to hit me over the head with a sledgehammer, but he sucks and won't do it.  What happened to comforting your preggo wife, huh greg?  HUH?  lol

Fears: Well, here's the thing. It's been a good pregnancy.  A little uncomfortable, a little frustrating, a little a little.  But for the most part, I've been good.  Going a little slower, a little less gung ho, but able to do everything.  And oh my-my head might not fit through the door after all the "You look great"! And "You're so tiny!" and "You are the perfect pregnant woman!".  Yikes.  Well, I'll tell ya, I've done my best to not kill chocolate, stay active, and be good to myself and baby.  And I think it's worked well so far, but I've found a few downsides.  First of all, I started to get paranoid about the tiny comments, so I asked my OB if the baby was too small.  She said for my stage, I'm measuring a whopping .5 centimeters small.  Bog whoop.  She told me I'm great, baby's great, and not to listen to anyone's crap except what the doc tells me.  Score.  Worry #2:  Since I look so great, I must feel so great and you don't have to worry about me, right?  Not.  I had a massive melt down with Greg a few days ago-while I adore being able to give life 80% of all of it lately, I kinda wish sometimes that I could be the coddled preggo.  Does it work well with my personality?  Nope.  But just for once, I wanted to not be the one in charge of people.  I wanted to be taken care of, dammit.  So Greg did.  Love that man.  Worry #3- This whole being healthy schtick is gonna bite me in the butt when I want to stay out on maternity leave.  Blast.  I mean, now that the AMA made obesity a disease that should be treated as such, why the hell am I eating carrot sticks and chicken breasts that will only send me back to work so I can pay for slacker's health care?  Oh right.  Cause I Care about my kiddo and my long term health.  Soapbox rant over :-P

Best Baby Moment: Aside from the fact that we are ready to go except the car seat - nursery done, bags packed, check check check (small things left - a zillion times of paperwork and  a doc interview), it's been nice hearing every week from the doc how well baby is progressing and validating my choices as a soon to be momma.  I want the very best for this baby, and I'm trying hard to make that happen pre-birth!

Items Bought/Received: Curtain rod for the nursery so Greg could finish her off!  Woot woot!

IRON BABY: Week 34
Swimming: 5.5 miles
Biking: 85 miles
Running: 0 miles

Total: 90.5 miles. No running again - getting fickle about this one.  Hope to get a run in this weekend, whether it's an actual 5k or just a jaunt around the block.

Iron Baby’s Travels to date (week 19 on)….1501.4 miles-that's the distance from Rochester NY to Houston, Texas.  Yeehaw, baby G!  let's get our line dance on!  (Seriously, I would be up for Nashville's....anyone???)

On to week 36...time for weekly doc visits and the last month (as of Saturday- 1 month to go!!).  2.5 weeks till my "vacation"/maternity leave.....home stretch!

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