Monday, October 7, 2013

Somebody's 3! (months, that is)

The days are long but the years (months) are short.  Holy my kiddo a big 3 months already?  Such a big man!  Let's see what Rob-ster is up to this month....

Rob: Month 3

It's been a chock full month in casa glaser - a half marathon, mom going back to work, a week with
dad, mom's birthday and OF COURSE some kiddo milestone's!  In the third month of life, this is what's in and out according to the boss of the house (Rob, duh!)
Watching sports with Daddy (especially hockey!), going for runs with mommy (we like going fast!).  Chatting with mommy and daddy in the morning, giving the gossip on the neighborhood (serious baby talk in the house), flirting with the ladies, taking strolls around the neighborhood, and chewing on your hands.  Man, you love those hands.  You're big into colors-you love being read to and sung to.  You love to be a part of every. single. thing. going on.  You aren't totally sold on the bath yet, but you're getting into it once you get used to the water!  You're also the biggest chow hound in the got your first taste of people food on your third month birthday (vanilla pudding) and we have added rice cereal to your night bottle.  My big man!

Still not a big fan of naps, but we are getting better!  You also hate being lowered into the
have this scared little boy look that just kills me every;s a WOAH, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS! look!! also hate being still.  You adore moving, and really have places to go.  You're a pretty cool kid, but don't do well with down time.  If you're out, you're out, but when you're need to be entertained, dammit!

This is TONS better, dude.  Yay!  We are still working on transitioning to crib, but you nap reasonably well in your bassinet, and you napped in the crib during your daycare trial.  Yay!  You are sleeping a zillion times better at night...we do a feed at 7, and about half the time you pass out till your night bottle at 10, when you'll go down until 3...4....or even 5!  Woohoo!!  This has helped me out with my return to work, even though I still get up at 2am to pump to keep up with you!  We still take at least one nap on mommy each night or morning....that's partially you liking to snuggle and mommy loving her ro-bear time!  nothing wrong with that....

Dude, you rock out at the noms.  You are eating at least 8-9 times a day, which works out well when I feed you, but is super hard when you do the bottle.  You take a bottle like a champ, but I'm having a hard time pumping to keep up with you!  Thank goodness for my flexible boss....hoping I can spend enough time with you in the next few months to keep this breastfeeding up....I hate the thought of giving your formula.  But when you eat 16 ounces in 8 hours and I can only pump 11....well, we are
working on it!  Even though you sleep 6 hours at night, I still get up to pump.  I won't give up, dude.  I promise.

Rolling Over - Yep, we got this on video!  You are such a strong guy.  No more swaddles for got places to go!
Cutting a tooth - Noticed this one a few weeks ago.  You are on such a fast track, dude.  Wow.
Solid food -As I said earlier, we introduced baby cereal and a taste of vanilla pudding this month.  You adore food.  Typical boy :-P

Best Moment of the Month:
This is becoming harder and harder, but I think it would have to be my birthday.  Last year on my birthday, I wished for you.  This year....I didn't need wishes.  I had the perfect day....and I was so happy to spend half of it with you!  (And daddy too of course).  I also have to mention mornings...every morning, we chat about our day.  You smile and laugh with me, and it sets the
mood for the day right away.  I never thought 5:30 am could be so good!

Looking Forward to:
Our first co-race (we have a 5k to do!), more babbles, sitting up like a big boy (you rock out the bumbo already!), and halloween!  Can't wait to take you trick or treating and dress up in your costume!

Every day just keeps getting better.....


  1. Sounds like you are getting it all together just fine. I know how hard it has been to leave the baby at daycare for the first time.It will get more bearable as time goes on. He is just the coolest guy ever, but I am very prejudice. Keep your chip up. You're doing just great!

  2. I struggled with pumping when I went back to work. It's frustrating, and sometimes it will feel like you do nothing else, but keep up with it, it's worth it! That being said, if you do get to the point where you're not producing enough and have to supplement with formula, don't beat yourself up about it. There is so much pressure to exclusively breastfeed that it adds so much stress to the whole process, and stress can definitely decrease production. The important thing is that he's getting what he needs to thrive, and you aren't spending the entire day completely stressed and feeling like a terrible parent. You're a fantastic mom no matter what your handsome kiddo eats!