Friday, October 11, 2013

Mommy's Month 3

Whew, where did the week go? I have half written post I've been working on since Wednesday, then someone reminded me i haven't done my month 3 post baby!  i wont do these forever....robs clearly the star now.  Maybe a 6 month post and then that's it?  We'll see.  But I think alot has happened since month 2, so one more consecutive month was worth a mention.  so whats mom (that's me!) up to in month 3?  Here we go!!

Physically - Don't hate on me, please.  I'm officially 2 pounds lighter than I was when we conceived, and 4 pounds away from racing weight.  With that said, most of my clothes don't fit.  My tops are tight (thank you breastfeeding!), and my pants are loose (what the??).  My stomach is about 2 inches
bigger than before I had the kiddo, but all of my jeans/etc fit in the waist, so I don't care.  I've ditched the scale up until these monthly weigh ins because frankly...I don't care.  I've found with the nursing aspect I am ravenous 24/7 and...I'm enjoying the heck out of that one!!  I eat what I want, when I want.  With that said, I am trying to make 80% of it quality....but you better believe that M&Ms and cake have found their way back into my diet!! 
In terms of exercise, I feel fantastic.  I did my half marathon, and albeit the rough conditions, felt really good running wise the whole time.  I'm optimistic for a spring marathon.  I rain a 3 mile time trial this week at a sub 8 pace (barely, but hey, who's counting??)  The real trick is finding the time to exercise, but, like most things, it works if you make it work.  I've been fitting in quality over quantity, which, honestly, was my whole issue as an athlete before...junk miles.  Looking forward to seeing how it plays out next year during race season.  Right now I'm just enjoying moving and being active.  With my little man grown up enough to do stroller runs, we've been combining our time together with getting exercise-something I intended to pass along to my kiddos anyways!  Up next is probably a 20k trail run in November, but just for fun.  I did it last year as my first trail run (yes, we all know I'm silly)....and it was actually the first race I did pregnant with Rob (although I didn't even know!)  Funny how that works....

Mentally - Split this one two ways.....first, pre September 30 ( back to work) and post.  The last few weeks of my maternity leave were great.  We have started to settle into a routine, and although Rob still wasn't napping too much, he was a happier baby.  He now sleeps for about 6 hours a stretch at night, after we feed him a night bottle at about 10-10:30.  The trick?  The night bottle has rice cereal in it, so it tides him over.  Sweet.  Things have changed since daycare, but that's another story.  So, mentally, kiddo and I had some sweet bonding time!  Then I went back to work.  It really sucked leaving Rob, but since he had the first week with daddy, it wasn't too bad.  The worst part?  Pumping.  I love feeding my kiddo...we bond, and even though its time consuming and sometimes painful (teething kid!) it's really cool to me that I can provide my son's food.  Pumping?  Blows.  You are hooked up to a damn machine and quite literally, are a cow.  I can't pump enough to replace what he eats for the day, so I still get up at 2am to pump.  Yech.  I know it might not last, but right now it's important to me to EBF (exclusively breast feed).  But it takes it's toll.  That's probably the worst part mentally.
We are also working on a schedule for ourselves....if I ever thought that 24 hours in a day was too little's crazier now!  With some luck, cooperation, and planning, it will work, but just as there is no crying in baseball, there's no down time with kiddo.  Would I trade him for all the free time and sleep in the world?  Are you friggin kidding me????

Emotionally - Another mixed bag, but pretty awesome.  Of course not being with my guy sucks, but when we are together....we make it count.  We go for walks after work.  We sing.  We dance.  We play on the weekends.  And we read stories.  At night...we cuddle.  I know eventually we will put him down for a 10 hour stretch, but since he needs a night bottle anyways, right now I feed him at 7 (we all eat dinner together!) and then either Greg or I read and snuggle with him until 10pm (we trade off).  He usually passes out in our arms and sleeps while we relax, read, watch TV etc.  It's pretty awesome, and I am certainly enjoying the sleeping on mom thing as long as I can!!
The one downside this month...I've become way more aware of the so called "mommy wars".  I'll probably do a post on this separately, but you know what I mean.  Everyone has an opinion on how to parent, and I respect that.  But there is such a thing as giving suggestions and making an assertion that the way that Greg and I are doing it is wrong.  About everything.  Feeding, sleeping, day care, you name it.  Yikes.  At the end of the day, we are happy with how we are choosing to raise our son and that's good enough for us.  But there is enough pressure out there to sink a barge!  Thankfully, my husband and I are on the same page, which doesn't always happen.  And the rest of the world can know what :-P.  Not with the suggestions-I'm a new mom, bring em on.  But no judgy wudgies-thankyouvery much.

Whew, that;'s about it!  Bottm line?  I love being a mommy.  My life has changed 100% and I'm fine with it.  I still have me - my time, my hobbies,and time with Greg.  That;'s awesome.  But now we get to share that with the new love of my life.  How could I not be the happiest girl in the world???

This weekend should be pretty awesome...tomorrow we are going to a fall festival to pick a pumpkin and maybe more....and Sunday is family home day!  (And Daddy Rob football time.  Lol).  What's on tap for you?

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