Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to School, Back to School (

Wow, I survived!! I know it’s no big deal to make it to Friday for you all, but after 12 weeks of baby duty….it was shell shock! I came back to 1600 emails in my inbox, a slew of last minute projects, and looming deadlines. Full force. Yikes. So I’ve put in a bunch of hours, made a zillion phone calls, checked emails, taken meetings, and whew!
I realize I get no gold star for any of this, but it’s been an adjustment for sure. I’ve bee used to no sleep, baby feeding, burping, changing, snuggling, and soothing. And maybe a shower. Or lunch,. But certainly not both.
There’s benefits and drawbacks, of course, to being back in the swing of things….and because I’m positive, let’s start out with the good!
Being back to work is great because….
I feel so much more accomplished.
I get to talk to grown ups!
I actually get to eat my lunch. With two hands. And my coffee is warm when I drink it!
I can sing to my radio in the car for an hour during my commute. Or….it can be quiet. Wow.
I can get to the gym most days to swim or run. Without interruption.
But….it also sucks to be back….
I miss my little guy. I only get snuggles for a few hours each night. Boo.
I hate pumping. With a passion. And I can’t seem to do it as well as when I am at home.
I’m MISSING EVERYTHING. What if he crawls? Or talks? Or walks? Or drives a car? And I miss it??? (I know, lol)
The laundry is piling up. And dinner is a sandwich.
I miss my little guy. Worth repeating.
Granted, Greg has been home with him this week, so it’s good to know there is Daddy week. Next week will be the real test….I’m not looking forward to it. Anyone have a cool million they need taken off their hands? J
With that said, I plan to soak up and enjoy every minute I have with my little dudes….this weekend we have a family dinner on Saturday, and Mommy Daddy Ro-Bear day on Sunday (with cleaning, cooking and shopping, too :-P) Ahh, the wonderful life. I love it. For real.
How did you cope with your return to work if you have kiddos?

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