Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scarecrow 5k Race Report - The one that we won.....together! (Well, Kinda)

(Edited - This post was started on Monday, posted on Tuesday...welcome to mommyhood, Rae! :-P)

Well, hello!  C’mon, out with it-who’s working today?  Sadly, even though it’s a holiday, no bueno for the day off at my job (Well, my boss swore we had the day off…multiple times.  Why in god’s name did I correct him??)  Any-whose, it was a pretty quiet day at work (before the storm – this week we are leading up to a conference prep, so the rest of the week will be he- double hockey sticks).  I was glad to have a day to organize life a bit- kiddo thought it would be fun to be up at 2m for playtime….oh, my child.  Let’s just say that it’s inspired quite a few cups of coffee, diet coke, and…ok…half a jar of peanut butter to stay awake.  And I’m not even ashamed.  So there.
Enough about work and sleep deprivation, though…I have a race report to share with you.  A super special one.  See, ever since I got the green light to run with kiddo in the jogging stroller, I’ve kept my eye out for 5ks.  But I knew I couldn’t sign up early because running with a baby is just way too dependent on weather, his mood, how many people were in the race, location, etc.  So I just kept them shaded in grey on the calendar.  Well, this weekend was it.  The weather was gorgeous, the sun shining.  We had an awesome sleep night.  And Rob was giggling away at 7am on Saturday.  It was go-time….Scarecrow 5k in Fairport, here we were!
I’ve always wanted to run this race – it benefits a local domestic violence shelter, it’s located in a great spot (by the Erie canal in a great little town), and it’s a pretty flat course.  It also has a stroller division –woot woot!  Instead of 3 deep, only the fastest stroller wins a prize, but hey, I thought it would be fun!  So Greg and I dressed up the kiddo in one of his Halloween get ups (a cat, cause we were gonna be speedy like a panther, lol) and we took off for the race!
Pre Race, I registered, got my bib, made a bib for Rob, and hit the potties.  I socialized with a few MIMs and fellow runners, hung out with Greg, and then got to the start about 10 minutes early to line up.  I lined up way in the back – there’s nothing worse than a mommy runner who lines up in the front with her clunky stroller, especially since I had no clue what type of speed I was looking at.  My typical 5k pace is a bout a 7:30-8 minute mile, but um….I haven’t run an open 5k in ummm…..4 years? And I haven’t run more than 2 miles with the stroller, ever. 
The gun went off and we were off!  It took about 30 seconds to cross the start (600 runners) and I knew without a doubt in the first two minutes that I should have lined up further up.  I also understand now why people that don’t wear headphones get annoyed with people that do – they are clueless.  I wound and wove through the first mile, clipped one woman’s heels (she would NOT MOVE) and got through mile 1 in 10:30- I think I passed at least 200 people.  Ro Bear was lovin it, smiling as I ran, and the little stinker even passed out about ¾ of a mile in.  To the turn around at 14:50 (Speeding up, though I had to do a crazy maneuver to flip the stroller around!) and we were on the canal for the last half.  I was loving it.  Running with the sun out, about 50 degrees – perfect running weather, especially for my double bundled kiddo!  On the canal stretch back, I felt like we were flying – even pushing a 35 pound stroller plus 12 pound kid was no big deal.  I saw a stroller pass for an 18 minute finish – wows.  The last mile, we pushed it in, the Bear woke up and started complaining, so I put pedal to metal and crossed the line in 28 minutes – good for 3rd stroller, and first mommy pushed stroller!  (1st and 2nd were dudes, so even though we didn’t win, I felt pretty good!)  Our overall pace was 9:17, and we came in 19th out of 50 women ages 30-34.  Not too bad for a stroller totin’ team J

Rob handled the race like a champ – he giggled, encouraged me, and promptly fell asleep when it was over.  Pre race encouragement, on course entertainment and post race rest and relaxation- this kid has it down.  I can’t wait for our next race!!

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