Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oh, this is the start of something good

Where did Christmas go?
Don't you agree?  Love that song.  When Greg and I first started dating, he put this song on the first mixed CD he made me.  (Holy hell, was that really 11 years ago???).  Anyways.  Welcome to my "I don't make resolutions on January 1 post.  Too stressful.  actually, I don't make them, period.  But I always like the cleansing feeling of a brand new year.  Much like sharpened pencils, Lisa Frank binders, and new Jansport backpacks every September (c'mon, you know you remember those) January brings the promise of trying to be a better you.  Whatever that means.

and while I have no goals to work out every single day or save my money (wait, I am lame and n=do that anyways), I have a few small goals I would like to incorporate into my everyday living in 2016:

Yep, that's km.  I'm a moron.
1.  Physical -  5 minutes of stretching.  25 crunches.  25 pushups.  Every day.  I would love to master the pull up by the end of the year, but I am a little wussy girl and can barely bang out 10 "real" pushups.  On it.  I also used to be able to do the splits with regularity, and while running has made me's made me so terribly inflexible I can barely touch my toes.  My old ballet teacher would not be proud.  Running wise I would love to be able to do 2016 miles in 2016....but we shall see.  last time I said that, I ended up knocked up two weeks later so....there's that.  In other news, I'm super proud of my 3700 biking miles for 2015.  Some jokester (looking at you Dale) asked me in 2014 if I meant to say km instead of miles.  Well, no....but, I did get my bike computer stuck on km in January and didn't notice it until the end of the month, and no way was I giving up my 300 miles to reset that bitch.  So yeas, I cycled in km all year.  Don't judge.  I'm well equipped for my travels abroad, thankyouverymuch.

2. Mental - While my physical goals center on speeding up, mentally, I am aiming to slow down.  To enjoy the moments istead of playing race director.  (I refuse to do this in my private life.  Work is another story.).  I have the most beautiful family, and while Greg and I are pretty good at throwing caution to the wind and making messes and memories, I want to...jump in more mud puddles.  allow chocolate before carrots (...errr...I NEVER do that now).  and to snuggle.  With my toddler.  With my baby.  And most of all, with my husband.  Two bubbies leave little time for the married set, but we try.....and need to keep doing that.  after all, I'm stuck with this psycho even after the kids leave, I retire, and quit racing.  (Ok, the last one won't happen.  And I love you, babe).

Here's to a wonderful, happy new year for all of us...2016 is going to be the best year ever,I just know it.

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