Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

It's kinda funny how a year changes things.  Last year at this time, I was planning out my 2016...a year of pushing the limits and seeing where I could go.  I thought about Mind the Ducks.  I thought about the Can Lakes 50s.  I started to think about Ironman....

Then the best endurance event ever happened.  A 9 month one.  And my 2015 changed to possibly the best year of my life.

Started off with these two goofballs....
 And became an even wilder ride. 

Our lives are crazy.  Sleep deprived.  Running around in a million directions.  But we have these two perfect presents to remind us of how awesome life can be.
 Oh yeah.  We are in big trouble as parents - not only are our kids smart and precocious as hell, they also like each other.  Alot.

So 2015 was a year of change.'s the year I've dreamed about since I was six years old.  The perfect husband (ye, I said it), our two kids, and the happiest family ever.

No running marathons (though Baby Biz let me run a few halfs!).  But that's 2016.  And the first year of no triathlon.  I did a relay, and that was fine.  It's funny...I never even missed it.  Which tells me that my priorities are just right :-)

2015 just can't be topped, I know it.  But we'll give it a shot in 2016!  Planning on some cool ultra marathons, a beer mile (that should be special) and a few tris.  And family,  Lots of family time.  Cause why wouldn't ya?

Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

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