Thursday, December 3, 2015

And then I was run-ning

Funny how I'll quote a movie I don't even like.  Bonus points if you know what I mean. Hey, I never said I was original!!

My Angels
So, here goes.  Only one day left in my maternity leave....yikes.  I'll save the sappy stuff for my 3 month post for Biz, but suffice to say that I can't believe how freakin fast 12 weeks went! (my co workers beg to differ, I am sure).  I have loved every minute of my time home with my daughter  (and Rob too, of course!) but, am honestly ready to interact with the (mostly) adult humans again./  I know I'm basically the most lucky duck in the world, as I work from home a decent amount, and since we don't have child care yet, Greg will be home with Biz for te next few weeks.  So I get to see my little angel most days and don't have to pump....SCORE.  Oh right, and my husband too.  Yeah.  That part.

Anyways, I thought I would do a brief update on my MTD training.  It's only been two weeks, and probably the easiest two weeks (I am home) but I've found a few things out that I hope will help the training (again, I'm winging it.  I'm too frugal cheap broke to hire a coach for this, so the internets and my SMRTs are training me.  Heh).

THE PLAN - A 24 week running plan with progressive mileage.  4 runs a week - 2 mid week (one tempo, one easy) and a long run, followed by a mid long run the day after on the "weekend".  It worked best for me to start the week on a Sunday (usually training plans start on a Monday) and do Long run Sunday, fatigue run Monday, tempo Thursday and easy run Friday.  This might change when I go back to work but since I typically work at home Mondays I can do the fatigue run pre work or during my lunch (it doesn't go beyond 7 miles for the next month).

Gene Wilder memes.  They rock
Right now, I feel pretty darn good.  My long run last week was 10 miles, fatigue 6, then tempo today was 5 and easy run tomorrow is 7.  The first week went like a charm, and then this week I had a sick kiddo so my long run was 5 -5 instead of 10 all at once.  I have no issue with that - I'm not training for speed right now.  As a matter of fact, I need to slow the hell down  - I dont need 8 and 9 minute miles!!  I figure with kiddos, I want to get in a few 20-25 milers all at once, but if my long run is 18 miles and I run 6 miles 3 times during the day, it's probably better than 18 miles all at once for a 12 hour race.

I'm tired.  My legs hurt.  And most of this sucker is gonna be on the treadmill for training.  But I did get some pretty new pink shoes.  And my daughter naps to the sound of the treadmill belt (winning).  And my husband is supportive.  And so far, I have even been successful at hiding the buttered popcorn jelly beans from my toddler (the BEST mid run fuel!).  I also have the best support crew for post running recovery, though I wish Rob could figure out calf massage and how to get Mommy some coffee :-P

Will the luck continue?  I hope so!!!

MTD miles to date (end of week 2): 51


  1. You are amazing! I am so glad you are sharing what your training looks like because I am so lost as to where to start for this MTD crazy idea. Love that you eat candy on your runs too (I am a fan of Pez and fruit snacks).

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