Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Baby Ducks

Disclaimer and warning - this is a brain dump of a post :-).  How was everyone's weekend?  It's been interesting around here - seems as if 2016 is off to a year full of extremes.  We started out with a crazy home emergency (more on that once it is resolved, still in the middle of this debacle) then moved on to some pretty amazing news (again, more later, sorry to keep hanging) and a few nutso kiddo transitions.  Biz had her 4 month checkup and passed with flying colors (yay for our 80th percentile kiddo) but she and Rob have both been under the weather, which means that both of them want to be held all the time and there has been a distinct lack of sleep at casa Glaser.  We also have decided to rethink our child care arrangement, so Rob is in his last week of daycare.  I have quite a few thoughts on that I'll put into a full post, but right now Dad is still home and we have signed Rob up for swimming and creative moevement, and are looking into preschool enrollment.  It's a mix of bills and a good environment for him....it just wasn't working anymore.  Parenting.  It does NOT come with a manual, lol.

soooo tired,
That being said, the first rush of winter weather has hit our neck of the woods, so home bound we are.  I'm in week 6 of ultra training and....I'm struggling.  I posted a month ago about my plan for Mind the Ducks/100k goal, and even though the race is almost 4 months away, I'm rethinking things already.

My dream goal was to get 4 runs in a week - 2 for about an hour (6-7 miles), one mid distance run (8-12 miles) and one long run (12-31 miles, getting progressively longer).  I felt that the trick was to do the long run back to back with the mid or short run, but because there is no way I can run for 2-6 hours straight with two kiddos each week, to break it up.  So if I had a long run of 20 miles, to do 3 runs of 5-7 miles each to get to 20 within the same day. That way, I get used to starting back up on tired legs as I am training for a 12 hour event.

I started off well - last weeks long run was 14 miles and I managed to even do it on a work day - 6 miles during lunch and 8 in the early hours (I am lucky enough that most days I can take a lunch whenever or flex my schedule).  Week before 16 miles - 5 before work, 6 during lunch, 5 after the kids were in bed).  This week's run was 20.  It was supposed to be yesterday, and we had a sick kiddo that wanted to be held forever.  Last week's run was 18.  Work crisis.  Dammit.

I'm a little bit unsure how of how to proceed - I might just aim for a certain number of miles per week at this point.  Its a crapshoot plan....no one makes training plans for crazy 12 hour races, so Ive been following a 100k plan.  I'm starting to think this was not one of my smarter ideas, to do an ultra with a 3 year old and an 8 month old, but I'll figure it out.  I suppose as you get more into this whole double parenting thing you look at your plans and laugh (Woody Allen was a smart man).  I'm really good at it in other respects, but am truly terrible at missing training runs.  I suspect failure immediately.  And while it's true that I will certainly need a good base and endurance to be happy and successful at this ultra....it's 4 weeks away.  Give it a rest, Rae.

For any of you ultra runners....how do you juggle this?  Any training tips?

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  1. It's ok Rae! I asked an Ultra runner friend of mine (and a sponsored one at that) and he said we could make 100k without killing ourselves as long as we make sure to get in our long runs. He also said to eat whatever sounds good--even if it isn't something we normally would eat during. We can do this :) I haven't run in almost 2 weeks