Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Bizzle: 4 months old

Well here we are girly Q....another month down!!  Let's do it.

Your brother.  He is still your bestest bud.  Your bumbo seat - you love being a "big kid" and sitting at the table with Rob, Dad and Mom!!  Bathtime.  As long as you are splashin in the tub with mom and are so happy.  You love kicking your little leggos :) You also love your cow rattle and your circle are getting so good at grasping and you actually snuggle up to a few of your smaller stuffies and hold them when you;re in the  bouncer!!  You also like food.  Alot.  You stare us down every time we have the nerve to eat in front of want some!!!  We did try a little bit of cereal just to see what you would do actually ate it!!  It's still way too early to have any regular food intake of course, and we know that, but as usual, you are full steam ahead.  Smiles.  You smile and laugh at everything - we have nicknamed you the happiest baby on the planet.  We are so lucky.


Not much.  You still resent us at dinner time, and I don't blame you.  You hate being left out of anything.  You have started sitting with us at the table in your bumbo, which helps.  You also hate the gas master.  You must have a delicate fart like a trucker.  Poor girl.  (yep, i put that on the internets.  So sorry kiddo).  You also hate tummy time like any kiddo, but it's doing you well- you flip from front to back like a champ and are working on back to front.  My little wonderwoman.


Not bad, girly are still around 6 hours a stretch...usually 8pm-2am.  You feed then do some snugs and usually are back out till 5 or 6.  Some rougher nights. but we're ok.  If life could shut itself off, dad and i would be perfect, but we do slug the caffeine with the 4 hours we get a night :-P


Every parent should be so lucky.  No issues.  Ever.  as long as the cow or moo juice are near you every 3 hours, you love it.  No supply issues, no infections, no strikes,  I am the luckiest momma.


First back to front roll: December 14.  And now you do it like a champ :)
First grasping - December 20.  You love your cow, circle teether and dog rattle, and hold them like a champ
First Christmas - You had no clue, but handled the insanity well....and two days in dresses :-)  Don't worry...I won't subject you to that girly crap me.
First back to front roll-January 4th.  Rockstar.

Best Moment of the Month:
Starting 2016....with the best baby, my awesome son, and Dad of the year.  I love my little family so much and thank my stars every day for being so incredibly lucky and blessed.

Looking Forward to:
Playing in the snow (almost time for our annual winter (cabin) camping...your first Superbowl (go kitties) and as always, my bixa snugs.

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