Monday, May 4, 2015

Flower City Half Marathon 2015 - From Nugget Glaser, the 2033 winner.

Hi guys!  Nugget here.  Sorry that Mom and I are a bit behind with this, but she and I do alot of running around and work has been crazy for her lately!  Still, I said HEY.  MOM.  Slow down for 5 minutes and post my friggin awesome race, will ya?  And since I am the boss right now of her, she said ok.  So here goes.

Last weekend, Mom and I ran our first half marathon!  Sure, she's done lots of them, but none like this because I was with her!  We did a 5 mile race a few months ago and I had SO MUCH FUN that I wanted to do it again!  Granted, I do have to potty all the time, so I didn;t make training easy for Mom, but I told her - Mom.  We got this.  Let's race!  So we did. Every year, Yellow Jacket puts on an awesome race weekend called the Flower City Challenge - a du, a tri, a 5k and a half marathon.  Mom and Dad have both done the du and half before, and it's Mom's PR course!  She told me we wouldn't try for her PR but anything we did was a PR for me so we should just go and have fun!  I said ok but really I knew we could go faster than she wanted....I knew we HAD to beat Rob's PR of 2:10.  Cause just because he is the older brother doesn't mean he's faster than me!!

Race morning was perfect - high 40s, cloudy, and race conditions 100%.  Mom and I rode with our new running friends from Gananda, and had 2 pb english muffins and some coffee pre race.  Mom says don;t get used to the coffee - even though it's Robs favorite word now she says NONE of her kids get coffee cause it keeps you short (I think she is pulling my leg).  We said hello to people, stretched, hit the potty, and lined up at the start with the 2 hour folks.  Mom said we have to pace, Nugget, but this should help us beat some of the congestion!  And we were off!!

Miles 1-6:  As always, in the first 5 minutes I wanted to pass out.  Mom says this is normal, it takes your body a bit to get used to running!  So we tried to just breathe and enjoy the scenery.  The signs and cheerers were awesome - some of them were so funny!  (You think your legs are tired?  Try holding this sign for 2 hours!).  We clocked in miles 1 and 2 at right around 8:50-9:00 miles, and hit the 5k in 27:52.  Mom said we were racing smart- the middle part is SUPER hilly and we would slow down there.  We saw Gramma at mile 4 who gave us a GO GO!!  And some great bell ringing and we kept our pace through miles 5 (45:10) and mile 6 (54:23).  at mile 6 we saw a giant uphill, which Mom said we would make it through and there would be a surprise at the top....

Miles 7-10:  And there was!  There were Cousins Karen and Tom and Dad and Rob!  Rob looked mad at us....I told mom it's because we so were beating his PR.  She told me that Rob wasn't feeling good and to be nice to my brother and don't get too cocky, the hard part is coming!  I said fine but I knew we were kicking butt.  After that, we did slow down a bit mile 8 (1:14:03) and mile 9 (1:23:40) but we still were doing awesome.  We saw some of mommy's runner friends and got to run through a cemetery which was creepy but cool!  We saw Dad and Rob again at mile 9 in the cemetery (Rob wasn't scurred but I was!) and they gave us some gatorade and said go go go!! So we did.  Hit mile 10 in 1:33:30.

Miles 11-13.1(or .3)  This race is super cool cause the last 3 miles are flat or downhill, but most people blow themselves out on the hills.  Not me and mom!  We felt great.  We saw Gramma again at mile 11, and we were so amped!  Mile 11 in 1:41.  I got really excited and thought we might break 2 hours which would be AWESOME but Mom told me even thouigh we were fast guys there was no way we did that mile in 6 minutes.  She was right - we hit mile 12 in 1:52.  Darn.  Good thing she knows this course!!  The last mile was super great. We hit Rob's Dance mix (Loca Loca) on our Ipod and just bogeyed to the finish line (passing 3 people in the last quarter mile!) and busted through in 2:02:xx.  A pregnancy PR for mom and a big PR and awesome start for me - we averaged a 9:15 pace which rocks!!
Post Race: We found Rob and Daddy, and got some food.  Saw some of our buddies, and then got ready for Rob's race!  He got to run the 1/4 mile and it was his first solo race which he did awesome for - I hope I can do it in 2017!  He also got a medal which made me super jealous but Mom says the one they put around her neck is of course mine so it's ok.  I CAN'T WAIT TO RACE AGAIN!!!  I figure since Mom and me are two people we really did the race in 4:38 pace which is like a 1:01 half so watch out world - I'm gonna win this sucker in 2033!!!

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