Thursday, July 3, 2014

One year Sentiments

Hey hey Buddy,

As this week has flown by (they all do, you'll realize that when you get older)...I've found myself, in the midst of getting everything ready for your birthday party...remembering our first year together and all that has happened since July 5, 2013.  You'll hear this story till you wanna hurl, but last year at this time (pretty much exactly), I went into labor with you.  You were in a hurry, bud, and not much has changed since then.  I cant even believe for a minute that you are going to be one- it seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital, a teeny little thing, and here you are, 4x the size and such a little dude.  I know you'll hear that one ad nauseum, too.

I wont recap our first don't remember, and if you need to, you can always look at Moms blog and roll your eyes with how ridiculous I am.  Instead, I want to tell you a little bit about what you've taught me this year (did you know how wise you are?)

Since you came into my life, I've learned....

That even sneezes can be funny.  You find them hysterical.  And any other little thing that most grown ups would just scoff over.  Buddy, the small stuff is where it's at.  Too many times in life people worry about the big stuff and completely miss a perfect sunrise (we've seen so many of those at 5am!).  Or the way vanilla ice cream feels on your cheek.  Or how sweet a baby giggle really is.  Its just divine, I tell you.

Afternoon naps are the best.  Preferable snuggled up together.  For the first 11 months of your life, you slept alot on mom and dad.  Everyone told us we were being ridiculous,. but our cuddle time was priceless to me.  And, as I knew it would, it passed way too quickly.  And ya know what?  I don't miss at all what I used to do from 7:30 to bedtime every night, or a random hour or two on the weekend.  I got to snuggle the sweetest, most precious baby in the entire world.  And even though you sleep like a big boy now, you still love your mommy hugs and snuggles with us at nighttime.  Oh, are amazing.

That the days are long....but the weeks and months so short.  I remember shopping with Daddy and we picked out a 12 month Sabres jersey for you- we looked at it and thought, holy cow, he will never fit into that.,  It's enormous!! grew out of that one in March.  Yikes. You are a weed!!  I can't believe that the kiddo we brought home last July was really wre so precious then, but you are so much fun now!  Everyone tells me to enjoy this stage before...(fill in the blank) happens.  Well, ya know what?  I've found that each stage has it's struggles, but each stage is magic.  And i'm enjoying the magic parts to the fullest.

How stinkin' much I would love you - I never thought it possible that I could love someone else so much, and that's saying something, because I love your Daddy to pieces.  Bud, the thought that something could happen to you just hurts my heart.  If anyone tried to hurt you, I would rescue you with the ferocity of a million mama bears.  No doubt, they would not stand a chance.  I want to protect you from all the nasty crap out there, while letting you learn each day about the wonder that the world is.  I expect a few bumps (and bruises!) but please know that no one, aside from Daddy, will love you more than I do.  No matter what, k?

I'm sure there's more, Ro-bear, but I'm quite certain that you're already wholly embarrassed by mommy.  Good-that's what Mommy's are supposed to do.  Just never forget that you are my little dude, you are amazing, and I love you times a million billion zillion.  Thank you so much for making me a mommy- it's the best present anyone could ever give.  I can't wait for tomorrow, I can't wait for Saturday, I can't wait for this Christmas....for forever!!  Every day with you is the best gift a person could get, and every morning I wake up so excited and happy to see you. 

Love n smooches forever,


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