Tuesday, July 8, 2014

12 months/ 1 year - No more baby!

12 months - My big boy!

Oh holy cow, bud.  How has it been a whole year?  It's so strange - I feel like you've been in my life forever, but I can't hardly believe a whole year has gone by - no more baby, you're my big man now. It's sort of surreal....the days seem to stretch into foreverness because I'm so tired, but the weeks and months just fly by.  This past year has been hands down the best year ever and I am loving being your mommy so so much.  I have never loved your dad more than I do now, and you are the perfect addition to our family.  But this isn't about me...it's about YOU!  Let's see where you are at 12 months....

One week old....
Size - 24 pounds-ish.  We take you to the docs on the 16th for your one year check up, but according to the scale at home, that's where you're at.  You are 30" high (2.5 feet!) and are for sure a full blown toddler in my book.  You are smack dab at the 50% for your weight and height, but that's where the normal ends....lol.  I wouldn't have it ANY other way, bud!!

Likes: Sneezing (you find them HILARIOUS), walking to Mommy and Daddy, spinning and upside down baby, and reintro'ed to running!  You had a blast at our 4th of July family run, lounging in your running stroller and making Mom and Dad do all the work.  Classic, kiddo.  You also loves snuggles still, even though you've graduated from sleeping on mommy all the time....I have more time now that you do naps on your own, but darn am I tired!!  You also love family dinner time and spend most of it snorting through your food and giggling, which is something I need to remember 10 years down the road when I get one word answers from you about your day :-P

One year old!!
Dislikes: Being wiped off after mealtime and also having your nose wiped at any time.  You also hate the end of bath time and have a strong averse reaction to beef - your little nose crinkles up and you spit that burger out!  On the dislike side, right now strawberries also dislike YOU....you get a rash when you eat them.  That's a bummer- I hope you grow out of that one!!!
Sleep: We're in a decent rhythm, aside from teething episodes - bedtime is about 8-830, and you sleep until about 6am, with one or two wake ups, usually a solid one between 3-4am.  You usually do a quick morning nap (30 minutes) and then about an hour to an hour and a half in the afternoon.  I'll take it, bud.

Eating: It gets better and better.  This month we introduced tofu, whole eggs, peanut butter (which we expected hilarity from and you just looked at us like we were nuts), and citrus.  Your fave this month is raw snap peas- you pop em in your mouth like candy!

Walking-  We are up to 12 unassisted steps!!
Beach Swim- We took you to Kershaw- you thought the sand was hilarious, and stuck your little toes right in the water.

I feel like there are more firsts, but I'm having a brain fart.  You did learn a new word..."no".  oh man, are we in doo doo.

Best Moment: Your first steps.  Awwww, bud, you are growing so darn much every day.  And I love you even more every. single. day.
Looking Forward to: Our family picnic, the summer of fun coming up, beach time, walks, playing in the yard, and all of the fun things having to do with summer!!

Now that you're one, I probably won't be doing monthly updates - I'm not a mom that says that their kid is 19.5 months.  I'm thinking a 1.5 year and 2 year check in is where it's at, although I fully expect Rob blogging to be part of this blog as cool things come up!  Hope you've enjoyed my pregnancy weeklies and infant monthlies as much as I've enjoyed doing them :-)

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