Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Furever Friend.

Oh, this is so hard.  But so is life sometimes.  I posted a few days ago on facebook, but to those that don't do social media, here goes.  We had a really hard weekend at the Glaser family home last weekend.  My fur kiddo, Summer, my bestest buddy for 17 years, passed away.  She had been not doing amazingly well for the last few months, but up until the last evening was purring, snuggling and chowing away at her food.  I noticed something off last Friday evening....and 5 hours later she was gone.  5 hours of hugging, holding, and being there for my baby, just like she was there for me every day since...1996.  Wow.  I'm not amazing at Eulogies....but I think my Summer girl deserves a big shout out for being an awesome cat.

The year was 1996.  I was a gangly, nerdy 8th grader who just lost her fur buddy to a hit and run.  So off we went to the local humane society to rescue a cat.  I wanted a big ole tom.  But this little pastel calico caught my eye- she was so petite and pretty, that I had to check her out.  They put us together in the observation room (remember when they had big glass rooms?) and this cat...wanted nothing to do with me.  She zoomed through the room like an idiot, and jumped down whenever I tried to grab her.  I was about to give up, when she ran toward the wall with all her little might....and knocked herself out, hard core.  She sat on the ground, dazed...shook her head, looked at me...and jumped in my lap, purring.  The rest, folks, was history.

High School.  Prom.  Graduation.  College.  My first apartment. Meeting Greg.  Buying a house, getting married, getting pregnant, and bringing Rob home with me.  She's been there through it all.  She was the first one to know about Rob!  She flirted with my boyfriends (and any boy, really...right Drew and Jack?).  She purred with me through heartache, loneliness, and bad days.  She snuggled in my lap.  She slept curled next to me every night, and even warmed the bed during the day, under the covers, waiting for her Momma to come home.

She had amazing personality.  She "spoke" to us- chattering away when it was food time, cuddle time, and any ole time.  She pranced.  She danced.  She had no chin (true story).

She was my friend.  I loved her.  And I miss her so. so. very much.  I do know that she is in a much better place now - the last few months were rough on her.  She lived a long, healthy, beautiful life and I know that she loved us just as very much as we loved her.

It's so very strange- for the first time in my life, I don't have a cat.  We have some housekeeping to do - a basement to clean, a litter area to clean, and some soul cleaning, but I do know that there will be another ball of fur - or two! to love very soon.  But there will never be another "Summe-roo" to love in the way that we all loved her.  My girlfriend - you were the bestest kitty a fur mom could ask for.  I love you so very much baby girl.

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  1. Such a pretty girl....those eyes! I'm so very sorry for your loss.