Monday, August 4, 2014

Cats outta the bag! knew we would

And we did.  Get a new addition.

Too soon?   I don't know.  I'm a cat person.  I love em and have room in my heart and home for a new fur baby.  He does not replace in any way the Summeroo, but the house is....too quiet.  And we are ready to love our new fur child.  I had the thought of going to rescue a non kitten at Lollypop (kittens go to good homes ASAP, cats, not always).  And dream kitteh happened.

Meet Meb. (Yes, as in Keflizhigi).  He is a 17 month old F5 generation Pure bread Bengal cat.  Love love love.  I have always wanted one of these babies, and the opportunity presented itself in a strange and wonderful way that I got my baby!  Handsome boy.....

 But.....what man can live alone (har). Mirinda (yes, Greg and I are obsessed.  I named Meb and he named Mirinda).  She is also an F5 purebred Bengal. Beauty times a million!

And clearly quite a ham!!  We got these babies over the weekend (Rinny is also 17 months) and are now in the process of learning all about Bengals - raw, grain free diet, characteristics including taking a bath....going for walks...and 8 feet jumps! And could not be happier.  The kitt-os are adjusting to their new home beautifully and are even tolerant of Rob (mostly Meb).  We have a full house and it's the way it should be :-)


  1. Beautiful kitties! My sister has a Bengal...they're so much fun to watch. And I love their names.

    1. Aww thanks! These cats are awesome - like having a few more toddlers around :-)

  2. Great pictures and wonderful new babies! Enjoy them.