Monday, August 25, 2014

Sodus Point Tri 2014 - Our 10 year anniversary!

Ugh, I know I know - I've heard about my blog slacking lately, but I have some time this week so hopefully I can redeem myself to everyone :-)  First up - Race report from Sodus....two weeks ago (hides under chair).  ***
Wow, 10 years??  You got that right.  10 years ago, Greg and I popped our tri Sodus Point sprint tri (.5 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 5k run).  We've done every race here since 2005 (they started in 2004, so we just missed the inaugural race) and with 225 race entrants each year...its pretty safe to say we are 2 of about 5 people who can claim this.  Yes, that excited me....I know, I know :-)  This race has seen me through some crazy life transitions (see what I did there?)....first tri ever with my new boyfriend....first tri as a married lady (still hold my sprint PR from that year!)  first tri as an Ironman (3 weeks post Placid, yowtch) and first tri as a mommy!  (5 weeks post partum....did I mention I am nuts?).  We adore this race.  It's close, the course is just tricky enough to have fun with, and we love to return each year remembering our first race (the year of the 3 foot waves.....I cant believe we ever came back!!)

My men :-)
On with it, Rae.  So this year, Greg was angling for some speed, and I was just trying to give it my all with an endurance and no speed base.  I've gotten lucky enough to place in my age group for the past 6 years, but since you can never tell who will show up for a tri, this was a hope and not a goal.  Pre race, we ate breakfast (applesauce n oats), drove down to the point, and set up our transition (which we can do in our sleep at this point!)  We played with Rob in the sand until Gramma and Uncle Alan got there to watch him, then hopped into the lake for a quick warm up.

Swim - 13:26, plus :50 run to TI (up the beach).  Lake Ontario is a fickle lake.  Our first year, we had 3 foot swells and they pulled 1/3 of the people out of the water (I survived by doggy paddling, yay!).  Other years, it is clear as glass...and 55 degrees.  Today we lucked out.  Other than a quick detour off course at buoy turn 2 and some pre race jostling (totally normal), the swim felt great.  After the Musselman debacle, I was so glad to have an easy swim!  I exited out of the water at 13 minutes n change, which is pretty good for a half mile swim for me!

T1-  Usually I don't report on this one. I pulled on my bike gear (which...Ive done at least 60 times in a reace, thankyouverymuch) I started to run out of transition and heard...."Rae Glaser, your helmet is on backwards...." over the PA.  Aww WTF.  Greg and I know these Rds super well, so of course he was gonna rib me on it...and tell me husband and everyone else in the vincinity when he came into T1.  I'm a moron....but it was pretty funny!  Just outta T1 I fixed it, and somewhat flustered, got on my bike and took of my clumsier bike starts for sure!!

Bike:  41:15 (19.0 mph).  I know this course like the back of my hand.  The start has some rollers and theres a few time it right let r rips, and I played them well.  I wasted a good minute at the start with my *&^%!# helmet, but overall the bike felt good.  I need to hammer the downhills a bit more and lean into aero more, and I think I can really go over 20 next year on this one.

POst race 2013...5 weeks old!
Run:  I headed out of T2 and into the run...saw kiddo and Uncle Alan playing and broke out into the biggest smile.  I might not be Meb fast, but I love the run the best and was looking forward to picking off a few female competitors.  I had no idea where I was in ranking, but knew if i could pull an 8 minute mile out of my hat, I might PR (spoiler alert- my math sucked.  I needed some 7 minute miles in there and they didnt happen :-))  I ended up leap frogging with one woman on the two looped course, passed a few other women, and felt good the whole time.  I dont have massive speed, but it seems as if 8:15 miles are the super comfy pace.  I can work on that.  I turned on the gas and sprinted into the fishin for a run time of 25:40 (8:18 pace).

Post race 2014....big boy!!!
Post race I snuggled my kiddo, grabbed some water and a few cookies, and caught up with friends.  My mom told me she only saw 4 women ahead of me before she turned her head for 4-5 minutes (can someone explain to her that thats a pretty big deal in a sprint lol) but she wasn't too far off- I came in 6th OA for women, 2nd in my AG (they only do overall women and 2nd OA came in at 1:13 and was in my AG).  My time was 1:23:xx and while it's no PR, its within 2 minutes of a PR and I'll take it!!  I grabbed my award, celebrated with Greg who DID set a new shiny PR of 1:22, and we hit the beach for some swimmies with Rob.  Perfect race, perfect day. 

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