Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Want "To Dos"

Hello there and happy "back to school time"!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoying the last bits of summer.  It's been warm, sunny and overall gorgeous here in NY and I was lucky enough to have a super long weekend.  Now that I'm back to the grindstone (September is a NUTS month for us at work and race and training wise) I thought I would relive my mini "stay cation" a bit.  I was lucky enough to have a bit of time off last week, and with that knowledge, I crammed a huge "to do" list together in the hopes that everything I never seem to get to could get...done.  In one day.  HAH.  I ran around like a crazy person for the first 6 hours of the day, then, after my run (cause one must run 17 miles on their day off, right?) I stopped for a sec.  And tore the list up.  And then....for a little glorious bit...with my husband and kiddo- this past weekend, we focused on our "Want to dos".

We napped.
We played with some old toys.  Rob helped put away some baby things, and we had some laughs as he tried to sit in his swing and play tummy time.  Greg pulled out his x box for the first time in forever.  And a real book.  Not a kindle book, not a work book.  Woohoo.
We had some delicious eats!  Ice cream.  Fudgies.  Homemade pasta.  A cookout with our family.  We made a mess.  And we just didn't care (Then mommy cleaned it up.  cause....I'm OCD like that :-P)
We went in the water!!  In the backyard, with our water table.  In the kiddie pool.  At Canandaigua Lake (where we lost-and then, phew! found Daddy's wedding ring).  It was a gorgeous summer weekend, begging for some beach time (and of course, open water swimming.  lol.  You know us too well).

The laundry is undone.  The floors still need steaming.  My coupons lay in a pile, uncut, and I'm pretty sure my facebook and twitter feed are prehistoric by now.  Meh, who cares?  Life is too short.  Sometimes you gotta toss that to do list and just pull out the wanna list :-)

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