Sunday, July 6, 2014

Firecracker 4 miler - A new tradition

Time for a family race report!!  Since this is the day that I spent in the hospital last year NOT having a kiddo (oh what a 4th that was...) Greg decided we should try something new this year and run the Firecracker 4 miler-as a family!  Since this is Robs birthday weekend, we want him to know it as a fun filled weekend of barbeque's, fireworks, and some good ole fashioned exercise.  While he can't run it yet (maybe next year :-P), we decided to take this one as a 3 person family group run!!  While Rob didnt have a bib, Ill give you a spoiler- that darn kid beat us by one second, as always :-P  Ahem.  Sorry for the corniness.  Moving on.

Race morning dawned a bit chilly, but clear skies and the promise of a perfect day.  We were up and at em at 5:30 (that's sleeping in, ha!) and after a quick breakfast of cereal for kiddo and me, bagel for Dad, we headed out to Fairport, a town about 10 miles west of us.  This is normally a 5 mile race, but due to construction, it was shortened to 4 miles, which was no problem with us.  We donned our family jerseys (made by Greg!) and did a quick potty stop (Rob went in his pants...shhhh) and connected with a few friends.  When it came to start time, we lined up at the back (we aren't dicks), and walk :-P

Mile 1 - I took the lead here, since I was a bit more comfortable with the stroller - since we started in the back, I knew we would be weaving, but wanted to do it so we didn't disturb anyone elses race (mission accomplished!).  About a quarter mile in, theres a big hill, and we zoomed right up it, dodging people left and right (there were a few good natured ribs about showing people up, lol).  Mile 1 clocked in 9:50, which was decent seeing as we didnt cross the start until 45 seconds in!

Mile 2 - I handed over the "reigns" to Greg at this point, and we motored up another hill, with a healthy descent afterwards.  As we worked, the non stroller person tended to the stroller-ers needs, and we just chatted as we ran easy.  It was pretty awesome- we've never raced together before- I loved it!

Mile 3 - Greg handed over the stroller about mile 3, and we headed back toward town.  We saw one of Robs childcare workers, and he started charming everyone on the course-just sorta chillin as we worked our tushes off.  Figures :-P  Greg cramped up a bit here (he's had some calf issues), but did really well and kept going strong.  He took over for about a half mile toward the end of this mile, and we finished mile 3 in 28:45.
Mile 4 - I really had no expectations of a time, but figured under 40 would be awesome, and I knew we had this.  We sailed up and over the bridge, turned the corner, and started hunting rabbits (Rob did a great job pointing them out and I caught them!)  With a hundred yards to go, we turned out the gas, Greg grabbed a stroller handle, and we finished together.  Awesome.

Post race we did some Rob snugs, found our cousin Larry (who is 65 and finished in 37 minutes.  Awesome.).  Our watch time was 37:51, gun time was 38:30.  We felt great :-)  It was the perfect way to kick off a holiday and birthday weekend, and to start the celebration of Rob's first birthday!

(Which went great, by the way.  But I'll save that for another post.)  How was your holiday weekend?

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  1. I knew Rob would beat you! He always does!

    Love your last post. There is nothing more powerful or wonderful than being a mom. We are so lucky.

    Miss you much!