Friday, February 28, 2014

You spin me right round

Whew, thank you friday!  I have no words of inspiration today, guys.  It's been a week.  Listen, I'm a huge ole fan of this mommy thing, but when you mix it with teething, work messes, family shiznit and a sicky husband....well hell, someone hand me a glass of wine, stick a fork in me, where's the cheese. (for the w(h)ine.  It's all good.  I just need a hug.  And a nap.
1 outta 2 works, right?  Man, I love my little guy!!  All kvetching aside, life is good.  I just wish I could find the "pause" button once in awhile.  And so I'm going to try with this post.  I know I've been a bit all over the place with this blog, dappling in the things I love most - running/tris, healthy cooking, saving money, and figuring out this whole mommy game.  It's a but of a mish mosh, but it's me.  And I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read it.  I also feel bad that I don't post nearly as much as I used to - I swear, if I had 3 wishes I would wish for....a time pauser, .....ok, thats it.  Maybe a million dollars, but only to help out a few well deserving people.  Just a time pauser, thankyouverymuch.  I don't want much, do I? :-) that a word?  I'm on a step back this week which means only 18 miles this weekend (yea, once you've finished vomiting, you can keep reading).  I'm really interested in anyone thats done one of these suckers the event is only 9 weeks away (wait, WTF?) I am looking for some thoughts on what to pack.  I feel like I'm going to camp for 12 hours - I need a few outfits, music, and munchies.  Or am I going to a bar?  Well, I know that there will be beer...these ulstra runners are nuts.  Anyways- anyone have any foodstuffs thoughts?  I know of a guy that eats cheeseburgers during ultras.  Bill Grays IS just down the road....oh barf.  I'm also looking for anyone that has an hour or two to kill on May 10th....looking for any hecklers in my aid tent from 7am-7pm anytime.....feed me jelly beans.  Throw popcorn.  Laugh.  AMUSE ME.  Any takers?

On a more sane note, I signed up for my March races - a 5 miler St Pat's day weekend (season starter!) and a hilly 15k on the 29th.  I love my cousin and godmom for being my best baby sitters.  But hey, Rob;s a lady killer, so I should just thank him, right?  Also signed up for the OBX marathon Veteran;s day weekend - anyone have any ideas of where to stay?  We're thinking a nice cottage...and a toddling bebe by the ocean....aww shucks.

Wow, what a ramble fest.  There ya go - consider yourself updated.  Whats new with you guys?  Anyone have any thoughts for May 10th or wanna keep me company?  Bueller?  Bueller?

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