Friday, March 7, 2014


Holy canoodle, someone's a whole month older!!  Buddy, these months are just flying by.  I can't even believe it.  Seems like just yesterday you were my little turtle, and now you are such a little man!!  I love EVERY. STINKING. MINUTE. of it.  I just can't even believe what a cool little guy you are and how darn lucky I am to have you in my life.  Ahh, enough of that sappy crap.  Lets talk about how cool YOU are.  K? Let's DO IT.  

Size - 20 pounds (ish).  No weigh in this month, but that's our good ole scale estimate.  You are chugging along so nicely, right smack dab in the middle of where you should be.  Lovin' your little baby chubbers, which is exactly where you should be!!

Likes:  The world is your oyster, little dude.  You have started pulling yourself up like a champ, and even have stood by the table a few times!!  Woot woot!!  You still love jumping in your jumper, but you also adore sitting and playing with your cars, your steering wheel, and your rings.  You are getting to be a champ at picking things up with a pincer grasp (we are in such trouble) and you babble with the best of them!  We've heard a bunch of mamamamas and dadadadadas, but as brilliant as we know you are, we do know it's still babbling.  You also ADORE the water.  Bath time is now a time for playing, and you get so mad when it's time to get out!  You also LOVED your swim lessons, and are such a fishy!!  You are still quite the little ladies man, and you charm the pants off anyone that comes your way.  

Dislikes: Cuttin' teeth.  It's a nasty business, but someone has to do it.  You have two full chompers now, and you are such a champ about it. Some nights are rough, some nights are good, but aside from super snuggles and gnaws, you really do well with the teething.  We feel for ya, buddy.  

Sleep: Good nights and bad nights, buddy.  We keep truckin along.  You do pretty darn well with the nighttime now (still one solid wake up, sometimes more but not much), and naps are good days and bad days.  You still are 99% of the time a happy little kid, and you're hittin all your milestones well.  Guess that means it's all good!

Eating: My little nomser, as always!!  You've started dairy this month- you love yogurt and cottage cheese, and any fruit we throw your way.  You also love your teething biscuits, which mommy makes for you (ground oats, flour, and apple juice).  YUM!!!  You still tank down the milk, and hopefully you will STOP BITING MOMMY.  It's not funny, dude.  

Pulling up to standing - go little man!!!
Pincer grasp- You are picking things up like a champ!!
"Solid" - teething biscuits and cereal.  You eat ALL the foods!  
Sprouted two teeth - sharp little *#&@^.  Yikes.
Swim Lessons - You are SUCH A FISHY!!  We adore the pool.  This bodes well for you, dude!! 

Best Moment: Our swim lesson was so freakin cool buddy.  No fear at all.  Dunk me, let's kick and splash, I'm in.  We are going to have so much fun playing in the water, buddy!!!

Looking Forward to: Warmer weather and starting up our runs again!!  Woot woot!!  Time to start training for another Mommy Rob 5k!

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